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Giới thiệu về Cronos (CRO) Chain is a high-performing blockchain powering the QR Code payment solution Pay, which allows users to pay or get paid in crypto anywhere using their mobile phone, thus driving cryptocurrency adoption globally. Chain truly fulfills the vision of the blockchain technology by providing people with the ability to regain control of their money, data and identity.

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Số thành viên nhóm

Kris MarszalekCEO

Seasoned company builder based in Hong Kong, 2x from $0 to $100m in revenue and 2 exits. CEO at Ensogo, Founder at BEECRAZY (sold for US$21mm to iBuy Group in 2013).

Rafael MeloCFO

15 years’ experience in finance, deep understanding of risk, compliance and Mobile Payments ecosystem in Asia. Led fundraising efforts as CFO at ASX-listed Ensogo, securing strategic investment from VIPSHOP (NYSE:VIPS) and raising over A$50m from blue chip institutions like Fidelity, Goldman Sachs and BlackRock.

Bobby BaoHead of Corporate Development

Extensive experience in investment banking, corporate development, investor relations. Head of Corp. Development at Ensogo, investment banker at China Renaissance (华兴), Deloitte, Merrill Lynch. While at China Renaissance he worked on landmark deals, including merger of Didi and Kuaidi (now Didi Chuxing) as well as Strategic Corporate Development Projects for (Nasdaq: JD)

Gary OrCTO

Hacker, Product Designer, Entrepreneur, 9 years of full stack engineering experience (RoR, Elixir, Golang), keen interest in Machine Learning and AI.

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