Why is it taking so long to withdraw my crypto? (OKX lite)

Published on Aug 14, 2023Updated on May 31, 20242 min read77

When withdrawing crypto from OKX to other exchanges or wallets, it might take longer than usual due to a few possible reasons:

1. The crypto you're withdrawing requires several confirmations

Different crypto goes through a different number of confirmations on the blockchain network before the transaction is considered complete. Some crypto can even go up to hundreds of rounds of confirmations.

  • You can check the status of your withdrawal on the Transactions page.

    transaction in progress

    Selecting Receive & Pending in the filter to check your ongoing withdrawal

  • Click on the order to view the progress

    Transaction details track progress

    Check your status in the respective order

2. A compliance review is involved

After you confirm your withdrawal, a manual review may be conducted by the OKX compliance team, especially if a large amount of crypto is being withdrawn. Your transaction will only be added to the blockchain for confirmation once it completes the review, which may delay your withdrawal slightly.

On occasion, we may request additional documentation from users.

3. The wrong network selected

It's important that the same network is chosen on both OKX and the receiving platform.

For example, if you've selected the USDT-TRC 20 network to withdraw USDT, the same network should also be selected on the receiving exchange or wallet. A mismatch in network selection may result in a delay and permanent loss of crypto, so be sure to double-check your details before confirming your transaction.

For more support, please contact support@okx.com .