Here’s what you get with OKB
Trading fee discounts
Save up to 40% on trading fees, holding OKB.Sign up or log into view your tier
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Passive income
Get passive income with OKX Earn
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Token sales
Participate in Jumpstart token sales of high-quality crypto projects
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Here’s how you can spend OKB
Security services
Financial services
Utility services
Trade OKB on the Russian crypto platform
Store OKB in mobile wallet
Store OKB in mobile wallet
Store OKB in online wallet
Store OKB in mobile wallet
Store, transfer, and exchange OKB
Earn OKB and enjoy automated trading
Store and trade OKB on the crypto platform
Lend and borrow OKB in Vietnam
How we keep OKB value high
We burn OKB tokens regularly to reduce supply. This boosts the value and encourages you to hold tokens. We use 30% of the income from OKX spot trading fees to buy back OKB from the 300 million in circulating supply. Every 3 months, we burn tokens by sending them to a burning address that nobody can access. You can check reports after each burning.
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The global utility token issued by OK Blockchain Foundation