How do I get a Mystery Box?
Invite a friend
Invite friends to download and sign up to the OKX app using your referral link
New user login
When your friend logs in and verifies their identity as a new user on the app, both of you will get a Mystery Box
Claim your reward
Claim your Mystery Box on the OKX app
How it works
1. Invite your friends to OKX and get Mystery Boxes worth up to $10,000.
Step 1: Go to the Referral page and share your referral link or code with your friends.
Step 2: You and your friend will each receive a Mystery Box when your friend logs in to the OKX app and completes identity verification within 7 days after signing up.
Step 3: You and your friend will each earn an additional Mystery Box when your friend makes a single crypto deposit or purchase of at least $50 within 14 days after signing up.
2. Every Mystery Box comes with crypto rewards worth up to $10,000. The rewards include BTC, ETH, DOT, and rebate cards. You can check your rewards in Rewards center.
3. There is no limit on how many Mystery Boxes you can receive. The more friends you invite, the more you get. Spread the word now!
4. Sub-accounts aren't eligible for this event.
Learn more in OKX Referral rules