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0.00001 USDT ≤ borrow limit per loan ≤ 1,000,000 USDT

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*Note: The product has a floating interest rate, which is determined and updated hourly.Historical APY

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    Which cryptos are supported for flexible-term loans?
    We support over 10 cryptos such as BTC/ETH/USDT in flexible-term loans. You can refer to our crypto list.
    What’s the difference between flexible-term loans and fixed-term loans?
    • (1) Cryptos supported: Fixed-term loans only support BTC and USDT, while flexible-term loans support over 10 cryptos.
    • (2) Interest calculation rules: Fixed-term loans accrue interest every daily on a fixed rate; flexible-term loans accrue and update interest every hour.
    • (3) Repayment rules: Fixed-term loans shall be repaid on time, and penalty applies for early repayments. Flexible-term loans can be repaid at any time, and no other fees are incurred for repayment.
    How to calculate interest if I submit a Bitcoin loan order?
    Flexible-term loans generate interest every hour. Hourly interest equals the sum of principal borrowed and interest accrued multiplied by current interest rate
    How should I pay the loan interest after a successful borrowing?
    You can pay both the interest and principal at once upon repayment. You can also choose to pay interest first, and then the principal.


    How to calculate interest if I submit a Bitcoin loan order?
    The bitcoin loan interest is calculated based on the calendar day (UTC+8). The interest will be calculated on the day of successful borrowing until the repayment date (the interest will be calculated for one day if it is less than one day).
    How to calculate interest after overdue?
    Remaining funds = collateral amount * closing price-borrow amount * daily interest * borrow days-borrowing amount *overdue days * daily interest * 110%
    Will there be a penalty for early repayment?
    Early repayment penalty = loan amount * daily interest rate * (planned investment days-actual investment days) * 50%
    What should I do if the loan is overdue?
    After overdue, the interest will be calculated according to the agreed interest 110%, overdue 3 days (natural day), will be forced to close the position, sell the mortgage after repayment of principal and interest to the lender, the remaining funds will be returned to the borrower.