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OKEx Rewards
Advanced tasks
Make a demo trade
100 satoshi
Subscribe to an Earn product
100 satoshi
Trade any amounts of crypto
100 satoshi
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Check-in daily and take part in the demo trading challenge to get free BTC
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Why can’t I claim a reward?
You need to complete all the tasks within 30 days after registration. Otherwise, you won’t be able to claim rewards. Also note that we can limit withdrawals of rewards if we notice any rule violations.
How do I check my claimed rewards?
After completing the tasks, go to Rewards in OKX app and tap Claim now. You’ll get the rewards immediately. View BTC rewards in Funding Account, and check your fee rebates under My account (top left) > My trading fees.
Why did I get different bitcoin amounts from the amounts shown in Rewards?
Requirements and reward amounts vary depending on the payment method so you may get a different bitcoin amount.
What are fee rebates?
Fee rebates cover your transaction fees automatically, you don’t need to activate them. You’ll get fee rebates to your funding account on the next day after transaction.
Learn more in OKX rewards rules