9 best AI art generators to create NFTs

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a hot topic over the past few years. It’s also one of the emerging technologies that’s started combining with the crypto industry. For example, AI image generator technology has found its way into the NFT sector. Artists have been using it to generate artwork which allows them to mint NFTs. Now, NFT artwork can easily be made by a number of AI art generators. It's quick, easy, and fun to do. By using AI and machine learning algorithms, it’s easy to create beautiful artwork quickly.

This guide will reveal what AI-generated NFTs are and suggest the best AI art generators out there. By the end of it, you'll know which platforms are the best for generating AI images. 

What are AI art generators?

AI art generators are programs designed to automatically generate unique images. These apps use sample images or even a text prompt to create new and unique artwork. By tokenizing that art and turning it into an NFT, artists are able to sell it and grant full ownership to the buyer. AI art generators are simple to use, and in most cases require a few easy steps. The AI algorithm does most of the work, meaning all the artist needs to do is to come up with an idea.

The concept of AI art is based on the notion that machine learning algorithms can produce unique, original images. Similar to painters who spend years perfecting their skills, AI can learn to generate original images through intense training. They are trained to analyze large amounts of image data using General Adversarial Networks (GANs). The best NFT creator apps simply require users to enter a few keywords or phrases, then the NFT art generator handles the rest.

So what are the best AI art generators out there? Here are nine you can get started with today.

9 best AI art generators to create NFTs

9 Best AI Art Generators To Create NFTs

  • OKX AI Art Generator

  • Okx

    First on the list, we have arguably the most simple and high-quality AI art generators on the market: OKX's NFT Market. It allows users to create AI-generated images by simply typing in a description of their desired image. The platform is very user-friendly, and the whole process takes minutes to complete. Visit OKX's guide on how to generate AI artwork for a step-by-step tutorial for further guidance. 

    What sets OKX's AI art generator apart is its ability to accommodate up to 27 different artistic styles, making it highly versatile for creators. Additionally, users have the option to upload a reference picture of their choice and determine the level of influence it has on the art generation process.

    To enhance accessibility, the generated art pieces can be minted to four blockchains: Ethereum, OKTC, Polygon, and BSC. OKX Wallet further facilitates accessibility by enabling creators to mint NFTs without incurring gas fees through the convenient lazy minting feature. In this process, buyers of the NFTs assume responsibility for the gas fees. Furthermore, once minted, these NFTs are readily accessible within the home tab of the wallet.

  • Shutterstock

  • Ai B

    Shutterstock, already well established for offering stock photography, music, footage, and editing tools, is another recent option. Earlier in 2023, the company began offering AI tools, allowing users to generate their own art and images. This was possible through the integration of OpenAI’s image-generating AI system, DALL-E 2. The AI system allows users to generate realistic images at a higher resolution. 

    Alongside its AI system, Shutterstock also has a user-friendly platform. The company has mastered its user interface, which makes the process of generating images fast and easy. 

  • Deep Dream Generator

  • Ai C

    One of the most popular AI art generators is the Deep Dream Generator from Aifnet. A key factor behind its popularity is that it creates highly realistic images using AI. The platform relies on a neural network trained using millions of photos. It’s user-friendly and simply requires the user to upload an image to generate the related AI image. Alternatively, the platform lets you enter a text prompt, where it will generate a brand-new image for you based on the text you enter.

    One unique feature of Deep Dream Generator is its use of different painting styles. This allows users to create artwork from different eras. Three painting styles are available — Deep, Thin, and Deep Dream. Once you select a style, you can preview the image. The platform has even released a text-to-image software called Text 2 Dream. This allows you to enter a text prompt and have an AI art generator create an image for you.

  • StarryAI

  • Ai D

    StarryAI uses a machine learning algorithm to process images. StarryAI grants full ownership of the created images, which you can use for personal or commercial use. The AI image generator is constantly evolving and improving.

    StarryAI does charge a fee for its service, but if you pay and aren’t satisfied with the service provided, you can cancel your subscription and receive a refund. The service is completely autonomous and is constantly adapting. Although the AI image generator isn’t as advanced as others, it still provides decent results.

  • WOMBO Dream

  • Ai E

    Another excellent solution for those wishing to generate artworkis Dream. This is a Dream AI image generator app created by Canada-based AI tech startup WOMBO. The service quickly gained popularity in late 2021 when it initially emerged. Since then, Dream has continued to evolve daily, becoming one of the best NFT creation apps available. 

    One of the most popular uses of Dream is to transform existing photos into cartoon looking images, but its capabilities go much further. Dream uses an AI art generator that relies on a complex algorithm that has access to a huge amount of diverse images. This allows the platform to transform words and phrases into completely original and unique pieces of artwork. It even offers a variety of art styles to choose from. Not only is the AI technology impressive, its art generator is fun to use and free of charge.

  • NightCafe

  • Ai F

    NightCafe is considered among the best art generators for creating bulk art. The platform uses advanced AI and machine learning techniques called neural style transfer. This allows users to create striking assets simply by uploading images and selecting a preferred art style.

    The AI-generated images are high-resolution artworks up to 2.2 megapixels, and you can make hundreds of images at once using the bulk-creation mode. It’s designed for both desktop and mobile and offers a free edition. However, if you wish to continue creating on the platform, you must buy or earn credits. The cost to purchase credits range from $0.08 to $0.20 per credit.

  • Midjourney AI

  • Ai A

    Midjourney is an AI art tool that can be used as an NFT generator. It allows you to create artwork using an AI system. It generates unique images from user-specified prompts. It can also be used to convert 2D sketches into unique 3D models.

    Users can generate art using the project’s Discord server. While AI actually generates art using GPUs, the Discord server acts as the interface for the users. You can join Discord for free, and use a text prompt to instruct the AI what to make. Once the AI system finishes generating images, you can select the ones you like. Once you’ve selected your images, you simply upload them to an NFT minting website and turn them into NFTs with the click of a button. All you need to do is provide certain details, such as the NFT title, description, number of units, and others.

    However, you do need to purchase a monthly or annual plans to use the platform. The cheapest monthly plan is only $10, making the platform relatively accessible. In the past, the project allowed users to generate AI images for free. However, due to an increase in demand, only premium subscribers can now use the service.

  • GetIMG

  • Ai H

    GetIMG is a platform with an entire suite of AI tools that make it a competitive choice in the space. The platform can generate original images at scale, expand pictures beyond its original borders and modify them in a variety of other ways. You can even create custom AI models. The default product features more than 20 AI models, from Stable Diffusion to custom community styles.

    The platform has an advanced editor that can generate missing parts of any photo. It can also create unique, stunning art pieces. Its canvas can scale to infinite size, posing no limits to what's possible. The platform is also extremely fast, capable of generating more than 10 images in seconds.

  • DeepAI

  • Ai J

    Lastly, DeepAI — a solution that first arrived in 2016. The platform gives users access to a variety of sophisticated tools for creating realistic images. You can generate as many images as you want, each of which is unique. The highly customizable tool lets you choose textures, colors, and details, and even produce cartoon-like images. 

    You can test the tool for free and download images you create. Once your assets are downloaded, you can use a different platform to tokenize the images and turn them into NFTs.

    How do you turn your artwork into a NFT

    Once you have your AI-generated artwork, select a platform to mint your NFT. OKX makes this possible with our easy-to-use NFT minting platform. Here's a guide on how to mint your NFT:

    • Select your preferred blockchain.
    • Upload your AI generated artwork.
    • Provide a name and description of your NFT.
    • Select how many tokens you wish to mint.
    • Name your collection, and that's it!

    The future of art might be tied to AI

    As we have seen, there's no shortage of AI art generators out there. It's now much simpler for people to produce art creations and NFT creations because — like other mediums — art is advancing and becoming digital.

    That doesn’t mean physical art will go extinct, however, because both types of art can benefit from the use of AI. Artists can utilize AI to generate entire collections instead of a singular piece of art. AI tools can also make slightly different variations of the same art. 

    This all emphasizes the fact that art is rapidly evolving as an increasing amount of artists are using AI to generate their work. Art is now being created with new tools, and thanks to NFT artwork, proving ownership and selling art is easier than ever. Whether this is a momentary trend, or if AI art generators will become a new norm remains to be seen. For now, it appears that art creation through artificial intelligence is the future of modern art.


    Can I use AI-generated art as an NFT?

    Yes, art created by AI can be tokenized and used as NFTs. All you need is a good NFT art generator and an idea.

    What's the best AI art generator for NFTs?

    There are multiple AI art generators available, each with its own benefits. No single AI image generator can be put above others, as they provide similar services.

    What AI tools can be used to create NFTs?

    The list above contains the best NFT art generators available on the market right now. Other similar AI tools could emerge in the future, potentially with more sophisticated features. 

    How can I generate a 10,000-unit NFT collection?

    You can generate an NFT collection composed of 10,000 units in minutes with a good NFT creator app. The process will take longer if you want each piece to be unique. That would require asking the AI tool to create different variations of artwork, which can still be done relatively quickly. It's certainly much faster than doing it manually.

    Can AI-generated art sell as an NFT?

    Yes, all you need is to use an AI algorithm to create art, and upload it to platforms like Midjourney. After that, all you need to do is add the requested details to the art and mint it as an NFT. The entire process only takes a few minutes.

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