OKX Wallet Now Offers Free Gas Transfer

Published on Apr 18, 2023Updated on Apr 4, 20242 min read

Dear OKX users,

We would like to inform you that OKX Wallet has launched Free Gas Transfer. Users can experience it using the latest App version (App version 6.10.0).

During the activity period, each device can enjoy one-time on-chain transfer without gas per day. The unutilized free gas times will not be accumulated, and the daily free times will be reset at 4:00 UTC.

How to participate:
Currently, this feature is only supported by the "Slow" and "Average" modes for fungible token transfer when initiated through our latest OKX App. It is not supported for NFT transfer, contract interaction, or approval actions. You can click on the "Free transfer" button on the free gas landing page in the latest version of the App or use the Wallet - Send - Select crypto to experience free gas transfer.

Covered networks:
Ethereum, OKTC, TRON, BNB Chain, Polygon, Optimism, Arbiter One, Avalanche C, and Fantom are supported.

Amount exempted:
The amount exempted from gas fees varies depending on the network.
Users do not need to prepay gas fees within the exempted amount range, and OKX will directly eliminate the fees through our own technique. Even if the user does not have native token for gas fees, they can still successfully transfer! Gas fees exceeding the exempted amount range will require the user to pay the full cost.

The specific amount exempted can be found below:

free gas 1

End of activity:

  • The activity will end at 4:00 UTC on April 16th, 2023.
  • Today's free gas transfer may be suspended if the amount of gas subsidies reach the predetermined limit, but it will not affect the quota of the next day. During the suspension, users need to pay the full gas fee for the current transfer.

    We hope you enjoy this free gas transfer in OKX Wallet.

    OKX Wallet will continue to provide you with excellent products and services!

    OKX team.
    April 18th, 2023