Stake OKB to earn GODS via Jumpstart Mining

Date de publication : 20 oct. 2021Date de mise à jour : 4 juin 2024Lecture de 3 min

Dear valued customers,

The OKX Jumpstart Mining will commence at 6:00 am UTC on Oct. 22, 2021. OKB holders can stake OKB to mine GODS tokens in return.

I.Staking Rules

Token staked OKB
Token earned GODS
Total amount of mineable tokens 2,000,000 GODS
Mining period 6:00 Oct. 22, 2021 - 6:00 Oct. 29, 2021 UTC
Minimum staking per person None
Maximum staking per person 2,000 OKB
Upper limit of total staking None
Staking period Stake and unstake at any time
Identity verification (KYC) required Level 2 (photo ID)
Opening time for mined token trading Oct. 29, 2021 (UTC) until further notice

II. Calculation of Staking Rewards

1. The staking rewards are GODS tokens acquired by participating in OKX Jumpstart Mining. The staking rewards is calculated in real time and can be withdrawn at any time.

2.Hourly user rewards = the amount of personal OKB staked / the total amount of OKB staked * newly released tokens per hour.

For example: If the amount of a user's OKB staked is 100 and the total amount of OKB staked at that time is 100,000, with the amount of GODS released per hour being 10,000, then:
The user's hourly rewards = 100 / 100,000 * 10,000 = 10 GODSS

3.When the project confirms the time of GODS on-chain transfer, OKX will release a new announcement concerning the time of depositing, withdrawing and trading GODS.

III.Staking and unstaking directions

1. Stake process:

Step 1:Before mining starts, transfer your OKB to your funding account.

Step 2:Log in to the OKX official website, go to the Finance section and click Jumpstart

Step 3:After mining starts, click Stake, enter your desired amount of OKB and confirm. After completing these three steps, you will start mining GODS!

2. Unstaking process:

Step 1: Click Harvest to get your staking rewards, which will be distributed to your funding account.
Step 2: Click Unstake to release your OKB at any time, and the OKB unstaked will be automatically returned to your funding account.

IV. Project Introduction

Gods Unchained is a free play-to-earn trading fantasy card game with epic duels between players. The game uses the Ethereum blockchain, so players have true digital ownership over their items that can be turned into NFTs on the ERC-721 standard. Players can earn and sell their items for real money, use them in Gods Unchained and even embed them into third-party games and tools. This makes Gods Unchained completely different from mainstream games.

For more details of the project, please refer to: Introduction of Gods Unchained-Project of OKX Jumpstart Mining

V. Others

1. Only OKB in your funding account can be used for staking. Please transfer your OKB to your funding account in advance. The OKB staked will be frozen but can be unstaked at any time. Unstaked OKB can be seen in your funding account.
2. After the mining is complete, any remaining OKB that is staked will automatically be unstaked and unfrozen. Rewards that are not harvested will be automatically transferred to your funding account.
3. Sub-accounts cannot participate in this event.



Oct 20, 2021 (UTC)

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