OKX Wallet to Extend Cryptopedia Season 11

Date de publication : 6 déc. 2023Date de mise à jour : 4 avr. 2024Lecture de 8 min

Dear OKX customers,
OKX will be extending Cryptopedia Season 11 that was officially launched on December 7, 2023, at 4AM (UTC). Taking consider of the enthusiastic participation from the community and the potential airdrop expectations for Polyhedra, this season is now extended until February 22, 2024. Additionally, a new special task with a value of $100,000 in Polyhedra has been added. By simply clicking on this task, participants have the opportunity to receive rewards. Users who engage, complete, and verify interactive tasks stand a chance to share a total reward of $600,000 in Polyhedra tokens (ZKB), as well as potential ZKB airdrop rewards.

1. Rules

Event Period: December 7, 2023, 4AM - February 22, 2024, 4AM (UTC)

Complete the various tasks to be able to share in any of the seven Polyhedra token prize pools totalling $600,000:
1. (Newly added) Polyhedra Special Bonus: No verification requirements or participation conditions; simply clicking on the redirect link successfully gives you the chance to share a $100,000 reward.
2. Social media tasks: Follow the Twitter accounts of Polyhedra Network, zkBridge Ecosystem, Star Legend
3. Activate Resonator NFT: Go to the Star Legend website through Cryptopedia, connect your Polygon wallet address, enter your password and sign in to complete the relevant steps
4. Bridge your ETH or USDT on zkBridge once to either network listed below: Ethereum/Polygon/Linea/Base/Optimism/Arbitrum One/Scroll/Mantle
5. Bridge your ETH or USDT on zkBridge 5 times to either network listed below: Ethereum/Polygon/Linea/Base/Optimism/Arbitrum One/Scroll/Mantle
6. Activate 5 Resonator NFTs
7. Activate 1 Epic Resonator NFT
8. Activate 1 Legendary Resonator NFT

(1) (Newly added) The 8 interactive tasks in this season no longer restrict participation to a single address; any address can participate in the campaign to win rewards and potential ZKB airdrops. However, to ensure fairness, addresses with higher on-chain activity will have a higher chance of winning.
(2) The social media tasks are mandatory. Upon completion, you can receive 5 free NFT claim tickets.
(3) After entering the official website of any activated Resonator NFT, you can claim 1 free NFT claim ticket daily.
(4) Hold uncommon/rare/epic/legendary Pandra Kings on Polygon to claim 1/2/3/5 additional claim tickets every week
(5) NFT claim tickets can be used to claim potential NFTs (while stocks last each day). You need to visit the official website, Star Legend, where any Resonator NFT is activated, to use the NFT claim ticket for claiming and activating NFTs
(6) Activating the Resonator NFT also entitles you to rewards from the NFT collaborative project partners involved in this campaign.The NFT collaborative project partners currently participating in this campaign include: Arbdoge, Defusion, Dego Finance, Dmail, Meta Merge, P12, QORPO, ReadON and Space Falcon
(7) After completing the tasks, remember to verify each task.
(8) Only Resonator NFTs claimed on Polygon will be counted.

(1) Please verify the quests promptly. Quests that have been completed but not verified will not be eligible for potential rewards.
(2) Each quest requires a minimum of 10 minutes for verification. Please avoid verifying quests near the end of the event to prevent potential failures caused by on-chain data delays.
(3) OKX reserves the right to exclude any participant from participating in this activity and/or cancel this activity without notice. Rewards are subject to participants' compliance with Terms and Conditions and are not guaranteed. Please see Terms and Conditions for further details.

2. What Can You Gain from Participating in Cryptopedia Season 11?

Requirements: users who complete and verify the interactive tasks will have the opportunity to share in the seven reward pools that total $600,000 in Polyhedra tokens (ZKB). See below table for breakdown of the pools and how to participate in each one.

Task Reward Pool (USD amount of Polyhedra tokens) Number of winners
Polyhedra Special Bonus $100,000
Activate 1 Resonator NFT $100,000 10,000 ($10/person)
Bridge your ETH or USDT on zkBridge once $100,000 10,000 ($10/person)
Bridge your ETH or USDT on zkBridge 5 times $100,000 500 ($200/person)
Activate 5 Resonator NFTs $100,000 2,000 ($50/person)
Activate one Epic Resonator NFT $50,000 500 ($100/person)
Activate one Legendary Resonator NFT $50,000 250 ($200/person)

3. What's Cryptopedia?

OKX Cryptopedia is a learn to earn experience by interacting with DApps. We'll launch regular events that center around different networks. In these events, we collaborate with project partners to set up different quests which offer opportunities to win rewards. OKX Cryptopedia aims to make it simpler to search, explore, and interact with DApps. Discover promising projects and use your spare time to learn and earn in Web3!

4. How to Participate?

(1) Download the OKX App or ensure that the app version isn't lower than 6.41.0. Open the App and select Wallet from the top toggle
(2) Create a wallet or import an existing one. Then, tap Discover tab at the bottom to access the Discover page, and tap Cryptopedia: Learn to Earn
(3) Tap Season 11 Polyhedra Network to access the interactive page, and choose the DApp you want to interact with
(4) After completing the quest, wait for 10 minutes and then tap Verify

5. Project Introduction

Polyhedra Network is building the infrastructure for Web3 interoperability with efficient zero-knowledge proof protocols. Polyhedra Network designs and implements zkBridge, providing trustless and efficient cross-chain infrastructures for layer-1 and layer-2 interoperability. zkBridge is the first trustless, efficient, and secure cross-chain interoperability protocol with zero-knowledge proofs.

6. Terms and Conditions

  • New or existing OKX Wallet customers who participate in Cryptopedia Season 11 from December 7 to February 22 and complete the various tasks may win from the seven prize pools that total $600,000 in Polyhedra tokens and their potential airdrops, but we do not guarantee that you will receive these rewards since they are distributed by the participating Web3 Projects. The final results of the event will be announced on the OKXWeb3 (@okxweb3) Twitter accounts.
  • Rewards may be distributed to the user's wallet address during the Campaign Period or at such other time to be determined by the Organiser, including after the Campaign Period.
  • Each of OKX Wallet and the Organiser reserves the right to exclude any wallet address from participating in this Campaign.
  • Without prejudice to the foregoing, OKX Wallet and the Organiser each reserve the right to withhold rewards from and revoke the eligibility of any user or wallet address to participate in this Campaign whom they reasonably suspect is engaging in dishonest or abusive conduct, including but not limited to circumstances where users enter multiple wallet addresses to obtain additional rewards, engage in wallet address churning to earn rewards, engage in money-laundering or wash trades, or engage in any other illegal, fraudulent or harmful activity. Users and/or wallet address(es) reasonably suspected of engaging in such conduct may be banned from participating in any future campaigns on the Site and/or Platform.
  • Only transactions settled using the OKX Wallet in accordance with the Campaign page and during the Campaign Period shall qualify for any reward under this Campaign.
  • By using or accessing the Site, Platform, Services, a user agrees to be bound by the OKX Web3 Ecosystem Terms of Service and OKX Web3 Ecosystem Privacy Policy ("Site Terms").
  • OKX Wallet and the Organiser reserve the right to interpret, modify, suspend, cancel or terminate this Campaign and/or any of the Campaign Terms at any time for any reason without prior notice. In the event of conflict, OKX's interpretation shall be final.
  • If there are multiple language versions of these terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail in the event of conflict.
  • OKX Wallet expressly disclaims any and all responsibility and liability for any technical, pictorial, typographical, editorial or other error or omission in this Campaign or these terms and conditions.
  • For more information about OKX Wallet, please visit https://www.okx.com/web3

7. Disclaimers

  • This Campaign is (i) not an offer, recommendation or solicitation of an offer to buy, sell or otherwise deal in any digital asset; and (ii) not intended to provide any advice or recommendation (regardless of investment, trading accounting, legal, tax or otherwise). This Campaign is also not intended for distribution to, or access by, any person in a jurisdiction where such distribution or access would be contrary to applicable laws or regulations. Persons accessing and/or participating this Campaign are required to inform themselves about and observe such restrictions. Digital assets are speculative and highly volatile, may become illiquid at any time, and are high-risk. Persons dealing in digital assets may lose the entire value of their assets.
  • The value of digital assets, including but not limited to stablecoins, can and do fluctuate greatly from time to time. The value of any reward under this Campaign at the time a participant qualifies for such reward may not be equal to the value of such reward at the time of distribution to the participant. Due to such fluctuations, users may experience a significant increase or decrease in the value of their assets at any given moment.
  • Participants of this Campaign are responsible for all applicable taxes, fees, costs and expenses (which may include but is not limited to connection, installation, service, gas fees and transaction costs) relating to the receipt and use of any Campaign rewards. © 2023 OKX Wallet. All right reserved.

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OKX Team
January 17, 2024