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Buy/Sell GALA in a few steps
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Buy/Sell GALA in a few steps

What is GALA?

Gala Games is a blockchain gaming platform launched in 2019 to enable developers to use the protocol's toolkit to create their own games. Each game needs to be approved by the community, which makes it a decentralized process. Moreover, community members who run nodes also get voting rights for decisions that affect the network's future progress. GALA is the name and ticker of the Gala Games' native ERC-20 token.

The Gala Games ecosystem is decentralized and run by Founder's nodes. Two other nodes, Paid and Free nodes, will be added to the Gala ecosystem when the Gala side chain goes live. Gala Games relies on three consensus mechanisms to power these nodes: Proof of Work (PoW), Proof of Stake (PoS) and Proof of Storage.

GALA is the in-game currency that runs the entire gaming platform. Players can buy and trade NFTs from the Gala store using GALA. Tokens are also used to incentivize node operators and help with network governance.

Gala Games' roadmap features an innovative plan to create a blockchain platform that will eliminate network congestion, gaming bottlenecks, and high transaction fees.

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