Seed Phrase

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A seed phrase is another form of unencrypted private keys. Firstly introduced by BIP39, the seed phrase aims to help users store complex private keys. A seed phrase generally consists of 12, 15, 18 or 21 words. All of them are extracted from a fixed thesaurus, and their generation order is also based on a certain algorithm, therefore users don’t need to worry that their random input of 12 words would generate an address. Anyone who gets your seed phrase can steal your assets easily. Therefore, users must pay attention to the below three rules after backing up their seed phrases:

  1. Try to make a backup copy on physical media, such as copying on paper with a pen, etc., and not to make screenshots or take pictures and keep them in a networked device, in case of being stolen by hackers;
  2. Make multiple verifications on whether the backup seed phrase is correct. Once there is one or two words wrongly copied, it will cause huge difficulties in the subsequent recovery of the correct ones;
  3. Take good care of the backup seed phrase and take anti-theft and anti-lost measures.