How do I set up TP/SL with the Order line?

Published on Jun 21, 2024Updated on Jun 21, 20243 min read5

Managing risk and securing profits are crucial aspects of successful trading. Using the order line to set Take Profit (TP) and Stop Loss (SL) orders offers you the ability to visually manage your orders and adjust the TP/SL levels directly on the chart, enhancing precision and efficiency.

The order line feature on OKX is a powerful tool as it helps you in making informed adjustments and better managing trades. Set up your TP/SL orders with the Order line as below:

  1. Open the chart for the selected trading pair, and hover your mouse over the chart. The order line, which is the dotted white line, will hover on the chart. Select the (+) on the right of the chart to place an order


    Select plus (+) option make an order

  2. Proceed to place a limit order or add an alert, all depending on your strategy


    Update your next step on whether to place an order or setting up an alert

  3. Enter the order amount that you'd like to trade or enter the quantity based on the percentage


    Insert your preferred order amount on the chart

  4. Your open order will appear on the chart once you placed the order


    View your open order on the chart

  5. Adjust the TP/SL of your open order on the chart directly by dragging the TP along the y-axis. To help you make a better trade, we included an estimated profit and loss as well


    Adjust your TP according to your preference

  6. Similarly, move your SL positioning along the Y-axis to adjust your stop loss


    Adjust your SL according to your preference

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