Event Period: April 27, 2023 - May 7, 2023

Deposit 100 USDT to win 10 USDT

Limited-time event, join now!

2 Simple steps to win 10 USDT

Reward is in USDT, please refer to Activity Rules for more details.

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Step 1: Join

Click "Join Now"

Step 2: Deposit 100 USDT

Deposit 100 USDT, trade 100 USDT and do not make withdrawals 7 days after end of activity to get 10 USDT in rewards

Activity rules

  1. Event participation requirements:

    1. You must click 'Join Now' to join the event

    2. This event is only open to the communities of invited KOLs

    3. Only users who have not completed their first trade can participate in the event

    4. Only user's main account can participate, sub-accounts cannot participate in the event

  2. Conditions to receive rewards:

    1. Refer to the requirements above, and complete the corresponding task to get the corresponding reward

    2. The deposit amount must be greater than the deposit requirement within 7 days after the end of the event to be considered as eligible for rewards

    3. Eligible deposits are calculated as follows: total deposits during the campaign period (excluding internal transfers and P2P individual transactions) - any amount withdrawn during the campaign period;

      1. The deposit will be calculated based on the price of the eligible asset(s) at the time of deposit. If you deposit more than one eligible asset, your reward will be calculated based on the total eligible deposits.

    4. Transactions that have participated in other benefits of the platform will not be counted in the performance of this event, including but not limited to USDC free handling fees

    5. Each OKX account can only participate in one campaign at a time. If you participate in more than one event, you can only get the one with the highest reward

  3. Reward distribution time: 15 working days after the event ends

  4. For example: User A, who has not completed first trade, deposits 100USDT, trade 100 USDT after registering for the event. He does not make any withdrawal within the 7 days after the end of the event. User A is eligible to get a total of 10 USDT within 15 working days after the end of the event