Event period: 23 April 2023 - 29 April 2023

Exclusive special offer Win up to 3,000 SUI!

The activity rewards have been sent to eligible users on May 19, 2023. Please login to check the reward status on this page.

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Unlocked prize pool: 1,000,000 / 1,000,000

The prize pool has been fully unlocked on 29 April 2023 04:00 UTC, and the event has ended. The final rewards will be calculated based on the user's task completion status at the end of the event.

Last data update: 2023/04/29 04:00 UTC

Complete 3 Simple Tasks to Win SUI Tokens
Task 1: Deposit

Deposit at least 100 USDT in crypto to receive 5 SUI. No withdrawals can be made until 3 days after activity ends.

Task 2: Trade

The more you trade, the more you win!

Task 3: Invite

Receive 10 SUI for every qualified new user you invite! Your invitees must register in OKX, deposit at least 50 USD and trade at least 100 USDT to qualify.

* Affiliate invitees who have not traded on the platform prior to activity registration are eligible to participate in Task 1 and Task 2;

All Affiliate invitees are eligible to participate in Task 3.

Trade More to Unlock Greater Rewards

Hit the trading volume requirements to receive the corresponding level of SUI rewards


Trade Volume (USDT)

Reward (SUI)


> 1,000



> 10,000



> 50,000



> 100,000



> 250,000



> 500,000



> 2,000,000


Event rules

  1. Event period: 23 April 2023 16:00 - 29 April 2023 04:00 UTC.

  2. This activity is an exclusive event for affiliate invitees, and is only promoted through affiliate channels. Non-affiliate invitees are not eligible to participate in this activity.

  3. Qualified users must click "Join Now" to participate in the event.

  4. According to current laws and regulations, users from the following countries or regions (based on KYC information) can't participate in this activity: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Crimea, Malaysia, Singapore, Syria, The US, including all US territories such as Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana, and the US Virgin Islands (St. Croix, St. John and St. Thomas), The Bahamas, Canada, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Donetsk, Luhansk, Malta, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.

  5. The rewards for this activity will be purchased and distributed by the platform based on the market price of SUI after the activity ends, and it will not affect the SUI Token sale on OKX.

  6. If SUI tokens cannot be issued due to force majeure factors, USDT will be issued at the end of the event based on this rate: 1 SUI=0.1 USDT.

  7. Eligible deposits are P2P transactions or on-chain deposits with no withdrawals during the activity period, and the amount needs to be kept at least 3 days after the campaign ends. Eligible deposits are not limited to the type of cryptocurrency and will be converted based on the USDT price.

  8. For example, if user is an affiliate invitee, and has previously registered on our platform but have not made any deposits or trades:

    1. During the activity period, user deposits 100 USDT via P2P and maintained the deposits until 3 days after activity ends, he has completed Task 1 and will receive 5 SUI.

    2. During the activity period, user trades an accumulated amount of 250,000 U in eligible trading volume, he has achieved Level 5 of Task 2 and wins 500 SUI.

    3. During the activity period, user invites 3 friends to register on OKX, and his invitees deposit at least 50U and trade at least 100U, he has completed Task 3 and will receive 30 SUI.

    4. This user will then receive a total of 535 SUI in rewards.

  9. A single user can earn up to 3,000 SUI.

  10. To avoid the impact of one-time procurement on the currency price, the platform will purchase in batches after the end of the activity. The reward distribution time will be updated on this activity page, so please stay tuned.

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