Jumpstart Risk Disclosure

Published on Apr 19, 2023Updated on Apr 4, 20246 min read

OKX provides you with the option to opt-in to Jumpstart Services (“Jumpstart Services”). In addition to the risks set out below, Jumpstart Services may be subject to additional risks. You understand that your use of Jumpstart Services indicates your agreement to adhere to all applicable terms and conditions of the user agreement or service terms between you and OKX, and these terms are subject to amendment and restatement from time to time by OKX at its sole discretion.

You have no right to receive any rewards associated with Jumpstart Services unless and until such rewards are received by OKX. OKX will then transfer your rewards to your account. OKX cannot guarantee that you will receive any specific Jumpstart reward or amount at any particular time. Any estimate of a rewards percentage provided by OKX is only an estimate and may change at any time in OKX’s sole discretion. Jumpstart Services provided by OKX are opt-in accessible services only, and OKX bears no liability for losses incurred because of such Jumpstart Services.

Third Parties involved in the development of the project and digital assets do not make any guarantees regarding price of digital assets, including whether price of digital assets will be lower than its startup sale price. Please invest with caution, and don't invest beyond your financial capacity.

Start-up projects are still in their initial stages, and various factors, including the operation and underlying technology of the project and other related regulatory activities, might amount to significant losses, all of which you shall solely bear, including, but not limited to: (i) the ecosystem, technology, security and economic models associated with the digital assets do not function as intended or expected; (ii) the digital assets, its associated blockchain network and ecosystem fail to attract sufficient interest, use and adoption from users and key stakeholders; (iii) there is no liquid market for the digital assets and no such market may ever develop or exist; (iv) the digital assets have been previously sold to third party purchasers or are no longer available; and/or (iv) third parties involved in the development of the digital assets or projects, including members of the blockchain ecosystem, may be subject to investigation and punitive actions from governmental authorities that may result in complete loss and/or liquidation of a project.

Advanced technical and financial knowledge is required to understand and evaluate the inherent risks of digital asset investment. When making decisions regarding whether to use our Jumpstart Services, you must ensure that you fully understand any and all risks involved and seek independent and professional advice from your tax, financial, and legal advisor(s), taking into consideration your particular investment objectives, levels of experience and risk tolerance. OKX does not provide investment, tax, legal or other advice to you.

You understand that digital asset market volatility is extremely high and the price of a digital asset might fluctuate drastically due to technical, regulatory, and marketing factors, including losing all value.

You understand and accept that you may not be able to withdraw your purchased digital assets due to technical issues of the project or the platform.

The risk of loss in buying, holding and trading digital assets therein can be immediate and substantial. There is no guarantee against losses from participating in and using Jumpstart Services. You should therefore carefully consider whether using Jumpstart Services and trading or holding the digital assets is suitable for you in light of your financial condition.

Applicable laws, rules and interpretations and other similar decisions may affect OKX’s ability to offer Jumpstart Services to you and may adversely affect the value, use and transfer of your digital assets and the operations of the Jumpstart Service.

Tax treatment of certain digital asset transactions may be uncertain, and it is your responsibility to determine what taxes, if any, arise from all transactions with your digital assets, including Jumpstart Services. You are solely responsible for reporting and paying all taxes arising from or related to your digital assets, including from Jumpstart Services.

Information provided on the OKX Site is for informational purposes only and is not, nor intended to be, investment advice or trading recommendations of any kind. Such information is not and should not be considered as an offer or solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any digital assets. Your decision to enter into any transaction is your independent decision. OKX does not act as an advisor or serve as a fiduciary to you. You are solely responsible for managing your own legal, financial and tax affairs, and you must seek independent professional advice prior to using Jumpstart Services.

OKX does not make any representations or warranties of any kind regarding any digital asset(s) that may be rewarded under the Jumpstart Services or the Jumpstart Services itself. In consideration of permission granted by OKX allowing you to paricipate in the Jumpstart Services, you represent, covenant and agree, on behalf of yourself and your heirs, assigns, and any other person claiming by, under or through you, as follows:

  1. You waive all claims against any of OKX for any damages, losses or claims, whether known and unknown, which arise during or result from your participation in the Jumpstart Services, regardless of whether or not caused in whole or part by the negligence or other fault of any of OKX. You release and forever discharge OKX from all such claims.
  2. You agree to indemnify and hold OKX and its affiliates harmless from all losses, liabilities, damages, costs or expenses (including but not limited to reasonable attorneys' fees and other litigation costs and expenses) incurred by OKX and its affiliates as a result of any claims or suits that you (or anyone claiming by, under or through you) may bring against OKX and its affiliates to recover any losses, liabilities, costs, damages, or expenses which arise during or result from your participation in the Jumpstart Services, regardless of whether or not caused in whole or part by the negligence or other fault of OKX.