Learn More About OKB


Two days ago, we have published the eco-development roadmap of OKB, our global utility token and announced the new Happy Friday program, which both attracted a lot of interest and attention from the public - whether those who are already familiar with or completely new to OKB.

The roadmap outlines the applications of the token and also the timeline set out for the implementations of the plans, including the building of a complete ecosystem, collaboration with top blockchain project teams, establishment of public blockchain etc...which clearly shows that OKB will be a vital piece of OKX's architecture & development.

Why are we issuing OKB?

We firmly believe that blockchain technology will eliminate transaction barriers, increase operational efficiency across the financial system, and eventually lead towards a significant paradigm shift in the global economy. For those reasons, we strive to continuously innovate and build the greatest transaction network which extends to every corner of the world.

Happy Friday!

We are commencing the "Happy Friday Program" on Apr 20, 2018 (Hong Kong Time) - Every Friday, 50% of the service fees* collected by OKX during the week will be shared with our OKB holders as a bonus, of which the amount is based on the percentage of OKB the user holds.

*including the fees collected from token and futures trading, excluding those settled with loyalty points.

OKX Team