Notice of Ticker Change from BCC to BCH

Dear OKX Users,
With the consideration of digital asset community, OKX would adopt a more common naming of bitcoin cash. At 21:00 on Nov 6, 2017, system would be updated and bitcoin cash would be renamed from BCC to BCH. After that, the use of "BCC" on the platform will no longer represent bitcoin cash.
During system update, trading would be suspended in OKX website, App and API. Update would be expected to last for 30mins. The time would be postponed depends on situation.
For API users, please be kindly reminded to adjust the related interface parameters as soon as possible. Please use “BCH” instead of “BCC” for retrieving orders details and other execution operation. For details, please refer to the API documentation. Starting at 18:00 on November 13, “BCC” parameter will be no longer avaliable.
Upon finishing the upgrade, BCH Futures and C2C for BCH would be available.
OKX Team
November 6, 2017