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Sobre Qtum (QTUM)

Qtum is an open-source blockchain platform, its independent blockchain aims to bring smart contracts technology to mobile and connected devices, which is designed to bridge the still-existing gap between blockchain and the business world. This development strategy will also widely improve the commercialization of blockchain technology and its practicability. Along with 360 Finance of internet security expert Qihoo 360 and product of leading video Internet portal Baofeng Group, Baofeng BFC, Qtum
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Sobre los fundadores

Patrick DaiCo-Founder/CEO

Patrick is graduated from Draper University and dropped out of his doctoral degree from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Previously employed by Alibaba, and committed to the blockchain technology development, with abundant blockchain industry development experience.

Neil MahiCo-Founder

Neil has 20 years experience developing software and has four years experience in the blockchain space. Neil has Master’s degree in Business Administration from ISCAE, but later specialized in computer science. Neil was also a professional poker player and speaks four languages.

Jordan Co-Founder

Jordan is a trusted and well-known member of the cryptocurrency community and has been developing software since he was thirteen. Jordan has reviewed over 100 altcoins and identified multiple exploits in coins.

Miguel CIO

Systems engineer. He has 5 years experience in blockchain technology and 16 years experience in server administration, linux development. His blockchain experience has allowed him to take part conferences and meetings all over the world with medium and large companies. Miguel has developed block explorers & mining pools among many proof of concepts blockchain platforms and tools over the years.

wenbin zhongQtum CTO (China)

Wenbin Zhong graduated from Chinese Academy of Sciences, Masters of Information and Communication System. He is proficient in C/C ++ programming on Linux, GDB debugging, familiar with data structures and algorithms, has JAVA/Shell/Tcl knowledge and experience, and 4 years of experience in large-scale software development. Wenbin has known Bitcoin since 2013 and has even mined cryptocurrency.

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