A powerful Web3 yield aggregator

Gather yield products on multichain protocols, support investments across tokens in one move, and access varieties of yield information
What's OKX Web3 Earn?

OKX Web3 Earn is an all-in-one platform to help you make the most of decentralized finance. Use this one-stop hub to manage investments in different DeFi protocols. You can navigate liquidity pools on platforms such as AAVE, Yearn, and Pancake easily.

What are the protocol types?

Save is a type of DeFi protocol for lending and borrowing, including AAVE and Compound. You can deposit tokens to get regular earnings such as interest fees. Pool is the liquidity pool where you deposit tokens and get transaction fee as rewards. However, you may suffer losses when there're price swings for tokens in the liquidity pool. Farm is where you get the staking certificates (LP tokens) from the liquidity pool by adding liquidity. You can add liquidity to the mining protocol to get bonus. Vaults is an earnings aggregator. After you deposit your tokens, Vaults will help you find the best earnings path to achieve the highest returns for you. Stake is where you can stake your tokens to the governance protocol or POS node. You can then get governance rewards or a POS node bonus.

What protocols do we support?

We only bring you the DeFi protocols with the best returns and safest records.

What are the advantages of Earn?

No need to switch between protocols and make multiple transactions. Earn allows you to do everything in one go. Just deposit or claim with any available tokens. Earn makes DeFi a cakewalk for you. You can also easily track your DeFi positions across DeFi platforms. Manage the investment whenever you want.

How secure is Earn?

OKX Web3 Earn smart contract has been audited by several parties. We'll never access your assets without your permission. You own your assets all along your investment journey.

What do you need to pay to use OKX Web3 Earn?

No extra fees. You only need to pay gas fees to complete the transaction on different networks. Earn can save gas fees for you as you enjoy staking tokens in the liquidity pool.

How do I manage my investment portfolio?

In OKX Web3 Earn, you can redeem your assets and claim rewards in the Earn dashboard anytime. The dashboard also helps you track the current status of your portfolio.

How does OKX Web3 Earn manage the risk?

Although OKX Web3 Earn tries its best to keep your assets safe, there are risks when you interact with third-party smart contracts. All DeFi protocols involve some risks. Earn doesn't take responsibility for contract vulnerabilities, hacking incidents, or extreme fluctuations.

What are the potential risks of DeFi?

Here are the risks that might occur to DeFi users. Technical Risks: where smart contracts could be hacked, or bugs could be exploited. Liquidity Risks: where protocols like Compound could run out of liquidity. Admin Key Risks: where the master private key for the protocol could be compromised. It'd be helpful if you did your research before participating in any DeFi protocols. OKX Web3 Earn isn't responsible for any token loss caused by those reasons.