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Ціна Yield Guild Games на сьогодні становить $0,36 із 24-годинним обсягом торгівлі $1,02M. Ціна Yield Guild Games становить вниз 1.44% за останні 24 години. Ціна YGG - USD оновлюється в режимі реального часу. Поточний рейтинг ринкової капіталізації — 153, із ринковою капіталізацією $64,96M. Приблизна кількість токенів в обороті становить 185 125 000 YGG, а загальна кількість токенів — 1 000 000 000 YGG.

Показники ціни Yield Guild Games в USD

Період часу
Змінити суму
% зм.
Сьогодні$ 0,011,79%
7 днів$ -0,03-9,40%
30 днів$ 0,010,32%
Цей рік$ -5,20-93,65%

Yield Guild Games market information

Мін./макс. (24 г)
Мін. (24 г)$0,35
Остання ціна $0,36
Макс. (24 г)$0,36
Рівень індексу перегріву
Рейтинг ринкової капіталізації
Ринкова капіталізація
Рейтинг вибраного
Історичний максимум
Історичний мінімум
Початкова дата запуску
Початкова ціна запуску
Запас в обороті
185 125 000
Ринкова капіталізація при запасі в обороті

Про Yield Guild Games (YGG)

Yield Guild Games is a decentralized autonomous organization that aims to capture value from metaverse-like virtual spaces, such as Axie Infinity and The Sandbox. The DAO's governance token is called YGG. YGG holders can vote using the token in order to inform the organization's decision-making process.

Yield Guild Games aims to generate revenue by leasing NFTs used in virtual worlds to its members in exchange for a share of any rewards generated. Additionally, the DAO will rent in-game assets, like virtual land, to third parties to generate yield from their use. The project's documentation states that any game featuring virtual-land ownership, a native token and play-to-earn dynamics is eligible for in-game investment.

During its 2021 launch, Yield Guild Games announced that it will initially focus on Axie Infinity, The Sandbox and League of Kingdoms. It plans to later expand into other virtual worlds that demonstrate strong economic activity.

YGG holders, or guild members, can submit governance proposals to make changes to the DAO's structure. These can include, but are not limited to, its token allocation, underlying technology or where to invest pooled capital.

YGG price and tokenomics

YGG has a fixed, total supply of 1 billion tokens. YGG is used within the Yield Guild Games DAO to reflect ownership of collectively held in-game assets. Guild members can put these NFT items, characters and/or land to use themselves to generate revenue, or they can lease them out to other players. Additionally, YGG is used to create and signal support for community-submitted governance proposals. With voting power proportional to the number of tokens held, the YGG price will reflect growing demand, if the DAO is successful.

However, around 47% of the 1 billion total tokens were allocated to investors, advisors and founders. Although this will create selling pressure, tokens are subject to a lockup of between zero and three years, and an additional vesting period to reduce the potential downside impact on YGG's price.

About the founders

Credited with the cofounding of Yield Guild Games are Gabby Dizon, Beryl Li and Owl of Moistness. Each has a background in gaming, blockchain technology and/or smart contract development.

Yield Guild Games secured funding of more than $5.325 million over a seed round led by Delphi Digital and an A round led by Bitkraft. Investors included BlockTower Capital, Youbi Capital, Polygon and Scalar Capital. The DAO's public token sale, held in July 2021, raised $12.5 million in just 31 seconds.

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Калькулятор YGG
1 YGG ≈ 0,36 USD
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