Fast API Launch

Publicat la 5 ian. 2023Actualizat la 21 mai 20242 min citire

OKX Broker has launched the Fast API function to provide additional security to the API Key binding process. As a user connecting to trade with OKX on our brokers' platform, Fast API allows users to log in through OAuth mode and authorize the access token to generate API Keys automatically on behalf of the user.


  1. Swift and safe: Users no longer need to copy their OKX API Key and API Secret manually, just log in to the OKX account and connect to the preferred broker.

  2. Secure IP whitelist for supported brokers: The automatically generated API Key will only have users' connected Broker's IP addresses whitelisted. In unfortunate circumstances where the API Key gets hacked on the Broker's side, the hacker cannot easily exploit the users' API Key since OKX only accepts requests coming from Broker's whitelisted servers.

Broker: How to enable the Fast API function?

  1. Apply for OAuth Brokers do apply for a Third Party App IP Whitelist first

  2. In the OAuth Broker application, provide the following:

  • Third Party Servers IP Whitelist

  • Redirect URL

  • Logo

  • Fast API permissions

  • Cross Domain Name

3. After your application is successful, you will receive an email with client_id and client_secret. Please keep this information safe and do not show it to others.

User: How to activate the Fast API function?

  1. Log in to your OKX account

  2. Go to your preferred broker platform

  3. Click "Connect account" or "Connect to Exchange"

  4. Choose to connect to "OKX"

  5. Choose the "Fast Connect" API key binding method

  6. Click "Connect OKX". If you have not logged in to your OKX account or don't have an OKX account, log in or sign up accordingly

  7. Click "Approve" to authorize access

Please note:

  • Only selected brokers support the Fast API function. For unsupported brokers, you can connect with API keys manually and create your API keys via /account/my-api/create

Example of Connect to OKX via 3Commas:

3Commas is a global leader in crypto algo trading spaces. In order to provide a smooth and safe user experience to connect to OKX exchange, 3Commas is integrated with OKX Fast API.