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O preço de ConstitutionDAO hoje é $0,03, com volume de negociação de $2,37M nas últimas 24 horas. O preço de ConstitutionDAO é alta 0.66% nas últimas 24 horas. O preço de PEOPLE para USD é atualizado em tempo real. A classificação atual de valor de mercado desta cripto é 127, com valor de mercado de $115,06M em tempo real. A oferta circulante é de PEOPLE, e a oferta total é de PEOPLE.

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Hoje$ 0,00-0,48%
7 dias$ 0,00-1,77%
30 dias$ 0,00-0,26%
Este ano$ -0,10-82,34%

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Baixa em 24 h$0,03
Último preço $0,03
Alta em 24h$0,03
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Sobre ConstitutionDAO (PEOPLE)

ConstitutionDAO was an investment-focused decentralized autonomous organization. The community initially raised funds to bid on one of 13 copies of the U.S. constitution at a November 2021 Sotheby's auction. ConstitutionDAO's native token, PEOPLE, represented a share of the communally raised funds. Having lost the auction — the DAO reportedly did not raise enough to maintain the historic document after purchase — ConstitutionDAO offered members either a refund or to swap their PEOPLE tokens at a 1:1 rate for a new ETH-backed governance token called We The People, or WTP. The community has since started to vote on how to spend its WTP treasury, with ideas including buying the Bill of Rights and writing its own Web 3.0 constitution.
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