How do I generate AI artwork on OKX marketplace?

Published on Nov 13, 2023Updated on Apr 4, 20243 min read3

NFTs have become incredibly popular in the digital world, changing how we view art and ownership. OKX, a top cryptocurrency exchange, has joined this trend by creating its own NFT marketplace. This platform allows artists to display their work and lets art lovers find and buy special digital items. In this article, we will explore the creative options and freedom that OKX's NFT marketplace offers.

  • Embrace Your Inner Creator:
    One of the most exciting aspects of the OKX NFT marketplace is its inclusive nature. Here, anyone can be a creator, whether you're a professional artist or just passionate about making art. OKX offers AI tools that empower even those with limited artistic experience to produce captivating digital art. These AI tools are user-friendly and designed to help you bring your creative ideas to life. You can experiment with various styles, colors, and elements to craft your masterpiece. This accessibility encourages people to explore their artistic side and be part of the NFT revolution.

  • Uploading Your Art:
    For established artists or those who prefer to create art manually, OKX's NFT marketplace provides a straightforward process for uploading your own art. Once you've logged into your account, you can easily submit your art pieces for consideration. The platform ensures that the art you submit meets the required standards and is appropriately displayed for potential buyers. This means your creations will have a chance to shine in the vast NFT ecosystem.

  • Flexible Royalties:
    In the traditional art world, royalties for artists are often set in stone. However, OKX recognizes that NFTs have opened new doors for artists to earn from their work, and it offers a range of royalty options. Artists can set their royalty rate anywhere between 0% and 10%. This flexibility allows creators to have more control over their earnings, making it an attractive feature for both newcomers and established artists.

Steps to generate AI artwork on OKX NFT Marketplace:

  1. Open your OKX app, go to Marketplace in your wallet and select Create
    CT-app-web3 marketplace-AI creatorSelect Create to start generating your AI artwork page

  2. Select Generate AI artwork to start

  3. You can Describe your idea and Choose an art style based on your preferences and select Generate artwork

  4. You'll need to review your wallet address and network in order to verify you're the owner of this address and select Confirm

  5. Allow a few seconds to generate your artwork. You can also Cancel creating during the process or select Generate again if you are not satisfied

  6. Once satisfied with your creation, select Mint as NFT to upload it to the NFT marketplace

  7. On the mint NFT page, you can select a wallet to pay, name your NFT, add descriptions to your artwork if you want, and select the collection your NFT will belong to, and select Next

  8. Review the AI NFT details and pay account, select Confirm to complete creating your artwork

The OKX NFT marketplace provides a platform for creativity, accessibility, and financial opportunities for artists and art enthusiasts alike. With AI tools and flexible royalties, the world of NFTs becomes more accessible and inclusive. Whether you're a seasoned artist or just discovering your creative side, OKX invites you to be part of this exciting journey into the world of non-fungible tokens, where art knows no bounds. Explore, create, and embrace the NFT revolution with OKX.