OKX is now integrated with Compendium Finance


The Compendium Finance and OKX share a common vision on innovation and jointly push forward to improve users' experience while trading or investing in cryptocurrency. This mantra has held strong with the recent push of our new offerings and updates. Our team has been closely working with OKX to ensure that our full suite of products are available to users as we begin to release comprehensive updates. Trading tools of all nature benefit greatly from high volume and liquid order books, which OKX continually provides with a wide variety of trading pairs for international users.

OKX users will be able to automate their trading and investment strategies through many Compendium.Fi products that we will discuss further below.

Verified Trading Bots:

You can subscribe to a wide variety of verified trading strategies for both spot and perpetual futures trading.

These strategies are published by vetted third-party authors and also feature our own proprietary CompendiuML products.

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Copy Trading Groups:

Our Copy Trading Groups allow any trader to create their own private or public group trading integrations through Compendium.Fi without setup or subscription fees.

This system works differently from verified bots or signal providers. Group leaders can link subaccount API keys to create live connection subscriptions, so as to trade naturally from the exchange interface. It does not work as a special terminal like most other systems. This system was built from the ground up by traders for those with efficiency in mind.

Join or host a Copy Trading Group today.

Signal Provider

Signal Provider Groups allow traders, fund managers, algo-strategy authors and more to all create their own signal-based automated trading strategy on CompendiumFi.

This system is different from verified bots and can be implemented by anyone. This system uses JSON-BASED command mechanisms fed to specific webhook endpoints to initiate trade posts for group followers at set risk threshold parameters.

Automate your Signal Provider service.

About Compendium Finance

The CompendiumFi platform is built to offer traders a comprehensive suite of tools for a list of growing ecosystems. Our consumer-facing application is split into two separate entities.

One side of our tooling focuses on integrations with popular and liquid centralized exchanges, while the other side focuses on improving the on-chain trading offerings of decentralized protocols built on Solana (with more chains to come shortly).

Automation and simplicity are key with all of our offerings. We’re here to help make crypto trading easier for everyone. Subscribe to bots, make your own, copy friends, or manually trade across multiple ecosystems in our intelligent interfaces.

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