Join OKX Wallet joint campaigns to win multiple rewards


Dear OKX users:

OKX Wallet is launching the token market feature on February 3, 2023. Starting from that day, we'll be hosting joint trading campaigns with 7 projects. We invite all users to try the new feature and join the trading event.

Campaign time:

8:00am, February 3, 2023 - 8:00am, February 17, 2023 (HKT)

How it works:

Throughout the campaign period, trade any amount of crypto in OKX Wallet, fill out the Gleam form, and you'll have a chance to win from the prize pool.

The prize pool consists of two parts: 7,000 USDT + $7,000 worth of rewards offered by the 7 projects.

Winners of the trading competition (7,000 USDT) and lucky draw ($7,000 worth of rewards) are calculated every 2 days, a total of 7 times, with each time the winners get a total of 1,000 USDT plus the rewards offered by the projects.

Trading Competition:

During the event, winners will be picked out every 2 days. Users whose total trading volume falls in the ranges below will have the opportunity to get the corresponding rewards (see table below).

Trading volume Number of winners Reward
Trading volume ≥ 2000 USDT Top 3 traders 150 USDT
2000 USDT > Trading volume ≥ 1000 USDT 3 traders 50 USDT
1000 USDT >Trading volume ≥ 500 USDT 5 traders 20 USDT
Trading volume ≥ 10 USDT 30 traders 10 USDT

Lucky Draw:

During the event, lucky draw winners will be picked out every 2 days. Those who trade in DEX in OKX Wallet will have the opportunity to win the rewards provided by the projects.

Date Number of Winners Partner Reward Reward network
2.03~2.04 100 @AlienSwap_NFT 1000 NFT Box Ethereum
2.05~2.06 100


$1000 FOR BNB
2.07~2.08 100 @DeBox_Social $1500 DeBox token Ethereum
2.09~2.10 100


$1000 HFT

2.11~2.12 100 @nymproject $1000 NYM Ethereum
2.13~2.14 100 @TwitFi_official $1000 TWT Ethereum
2.15~2.16 100 @tapfantasy2021 $1000 USDT Ethereum

How to access the campaign:

Web-based Dapp: Click here

Mobile devices: please Download OKX App, switch to Wallet, and tap DEX on the bottom tab to start trading.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Lists of winners will be announced via the OKX Twitter account: @okxweb3

  • To participate in the Trading Competition, users must trade using the OKX Wallet (OKX App or web extension)

  • Participants cannot win rewards from both the Trading Competition and Lucky Draw

  • Trading Volume = Buy volume + Sell volume

  • OKX reserves the right to exclude any participants from this promotion and/or cancel this promotion without notice.

  • OKX reserves the right to interpret the terms and conditions of this promotion as it sees fit, and reserves the right to change or modify these terms and conditions at any time

  • During the campaign period, if there are wash trades or illegally bulk-registered accounts, OKX will strictly review and cancel the qualification.

  • OKX reserves the right to final interpretation.

  • Please see the OKX Terms of Service for more information.

  • OKX is not responsible for technical, pictorial, typographical, or editorial errors or omissions. For more information, go to © OKX. All rights reserved.

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February 2, 2022 (HKT)