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About the Launchpad

Launchpad features exclusive NFT launches on the OKX NFT Marketplace. We gather the most unique decentralized NFT projects in the space. Get early access at discounted prices.

We welcome curated projects, recognized artists and celebrities who want to share assets on our platform.

What's OKX NFT Launchpad?
OKX NFT Launchpad aims to launch handpicked projects with builders, artists, creators, and celebrities. Discover first-in-class collectibles and be the first mover.
What types of events does Launchpad support?
OKX NFT Launchpad brings you events such as allowlist raffle, flash sale, mint, auction, and subscription etc.
What are subscription events?
We hold regular subscription events that are fully decentralized and fair. There're some simple requirements for entry. Once you've subscribed, you draw a lot. The lottery is based on the random hash numbers on the blockchain, so the results are fair and square. Everyone stands a chance to buy high-quality NFTs at favorable prices. Just flip your favorite NFTs with ease and joy.
What are mint events?
Our mint events offer a straightforward and cost-saving way to mint NFTs. We partner with up-and-coming NFT projects to help you mint NFTs directly on the blockchain. Mint in minutes and never miss out.
What blockchain networks does OKX NFT Launchpad support?
We have the best support for mainstream blockchain networks. Our NFT Marketplace works seamlessly with 11 networks, including OKTC, Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Solana, Aptos, and Avalanche-C. We keep rolling out subscriptions, flash sales and mint on these networks. Stay tuned for features on many more networks in the future.