Enjoy free giveaways and airdrops from the hottest projects!
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What is OKX Wallet Giveaway?
Giveaway is a new feature that helps projects we partner with attract new users and boost its popularity. Complete quests created by these projects for the opportunity to earn airdrops.
How can I access OKX Wallet Giveaway?
Select the Giveaway button or Giveaway banner on OKX Wallet's homepage to access Giveaway Campaigns.
How often are new Giveaway Campaigns launched?
We launch around 3 hot trending projects per week. We welcome you to explore and participate.
What's the requirement for projects that want to cooperate with the Giveaway Campaign?
Projects that want to participate in the Giveaway Campaign are required to integrate with OKX Wallet on both mobile app and extension. We encourage projects to prepare exciting rewards for OKX Wallet users. We won't charge you any fees for cooperating.