Celebrating our exclusive partnership with Srisiam

Through our partnerships with McLaren, Manchester City, and the Tribeca Festival, OKX is committed to crypto education all around the world. Today, we're expanding this effort with an exclusive partnership with Srisiam.

Introducing Srisiam

Srisiam is a crypto trader and has created Thailand's number one crypto trading community. On his Youtube channel, he provides tips for traders of all backgrounds, technical and news analysis, as well as fun lifestyle content. Thailand itself has become a significant hub for crypto trading and tech innovation, with large trading volumes and mature crypto communities.

Learning from crypto's ups and downs

Srisiam has been around crypto since 2010, so he has been through three crypto downturns (2013/2018/2022). We think this background can bring perspective to less seasoned traders.

Srisiam's first years in crypto (2010-2014) were focused on Bitcoin mining. He lived through the first Bitcoin crash of 2013. He then switched to Ethereum mining from 2015 to 2021. 2015 was also the start of his day-trading career, which he started from the ground up with no previous trading knowledge.

Srisiam then faced important trading losses along with the 2018 downturn. Around this time, however, he became a massive ADA holder which was a turning point for him. After that, he focused on learning, focusing on the fundamentals of risk management and trading mindset, as well as with technical signals like Elliot Waves.

2020 was when Srisiam started sharing his knowledge online and became a crypto Youtuber and influencer. He has since dedicated parts of his time to educating crypto traders on all aspects of the craft. On the side, he also supports charities with donations and scholarships.

Here's Srisiam's short video about what crypto trading, and OKX, are all about:

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