Introducing the OKX NFT Football Cup – The Web3 Game for Football Fans

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An NFT-based game with 2 ways to win - split prize pool or win $20k spot rewards when your team wins each game.

  1. OKX is introducing an NFT-based game to celebrate the global football tournament
  2. Mint up to three NFTs from any of the 32 national teams by temporarily staking 0.01 ETH each
  3. For each NFT minted, OKX will add 0.01 ETH to your team's prize pool
  4. When a national team is eliminated from the tournament, OKX will add its prize pool to the winning team's prize pool
  5. You can also win spot rewards as your team progresses in the competition
  6. NFT holders for the team that wins the global football tournament have a chance to win a share of the prize pool
  7. All staked funds and rewards will be available to withdraw after the tournament. OKX will return all staked funds to the original stakers and distribute rewards to the winners. Users won’t pay anything for their NFTs except the gas fee

Mint free NFTs

Why Now

We love football, NFTs, and the communities that celebrate them. So we created the OKX NFT Football Cup to unite these two powerful, passionate communities.


  1. Mint Team NFTs: We have NFTs available to mint for each of the 32 teams in the global football tournament. Between November 8 and December 3, you can mint up to three free NFTs of your favorite team(s) by staking 0.01 ETH each. You can mint a team NFT at any time except for during the team's live matches. For each mint, OKX will deposit 0.01 ETH into a prize pool.
  2. Two ways to win. One is to share the Prize Pool: After each win, your team absorbs your opponent's prize pool. Burn your NFTs to claim your share of your team's prize pool after the minting period ends. The other is to win spot rewards: After each win at the group round, a 20,000 USDT spot reward will be split amongst NFT holders of the winning team. A bonus spot reward of 100,000 USDT will be split amongst NFT holders of the team in 3rd place.
  3. Follow the Matches: See which national teams advance and which get eliminated in the global football tournament. Buy, sell, and trade NFTs on OKX NFT Marketplace at any time.
  4. Claim your Prize: Holders of NFTs for the team that wins the global football tournament win a share of the prize pool.
  5. Get your funds back: After the event, you will be able to claim your rewards and staked ETH.


  1. Create an OKX Wallet or connect your existing Web3 Wallet and make sure it has at least 0.01 ETH in it. Navigate to "NFT Market" and tap on "NFT Football Cup"

    Freemint Footbal Cup NFTs

  2. Tap Free Mint to proceed to team NFT selection

    NFT Football Cup Mint teams, win prizes

  3. Select the teams and quantities of NFTs to buy and tap Next. You can see how many free NFTs are available for the connected wallet. Note: You can mint up to 1 on PC and up to 3 on OKX App

    Mint NFT teams

  4. Review amount to stake and tap Mint. If you need to add funds or swap to pay NFT mint fees, you can also use the OKX DEX

    Tap Mint

  5. Review and approve your staking transaction

    Review your staking transaction
    Approve your staking transaction

  6. After staking is complete, tap Confirm to mint your NFT

    Tap Confirm to mint your NFT

  7. Your transaction is now pending, which can be viewed onchain

    Your transaction is now pending

  8. Congratulations! You've successfully minted team NFTs. Tap Share to tell your friends and encourage more players to join the game


Tech Specs

Blockchain: Ethereum Smart Contract: 0x5c891d76584b46bC7F1E700169a76569Bb77d2Db Currency: ETH NFT Type: ERC-1155

Game on

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