OKB Can Now Redeem Range of Cybersecurity Services

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OKX, a world-leading digital asset exchange, announced the partnership between OKB, the global utility token adopted by OKX and several blockchain security and cybersecurity firms as a service redemption token – Blockchain Security Firm SlowMist, Cybersecurity Firm Lianan and Cybersecurity Start-up CertiK. From now, designated users can redeem respective service using OKB.

SlowMist, a top blockchain ecosystem security company, is among the first partners in the OKB ecosystem to support service redemption using OKB. SlowMist excels in cybersecurity protection, which offers security audits and protection for leading digital asset exchanges, crypto wallets, public chains, and smart contracts, etc.

Besides, OKB also partnered with Lianan, a blockchain security company that provides comprehensive cybersecurity services for over 1,000 projects worldwide, as well as a pioneering blockchain cybersecurity start-up Certik, which is a leading blockchain security company that has been able to secure over USD 62 billion assets, including many of the world’s top blockchain projects.

“OKB sees a new breakthrough in its use cases. With increasing adoptions, OKB has been shining from the start since launched more than a year ago. We are glad that these outstanding blockchain and cybersecurity firms appreciate OKB and take it for service redemption. OKB is not just a token but the spirit of OKX, too. With our core value to advocate the token economy, we welcome more collaborations to ignite the potential of OKB,” said Andy Cheung, Head of Operations of OKX.


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