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Il prezzo Chiliz oggi è $0,26 con un turnover di $41,48M a 24 ore. Il prezzo Chiliz è su 2.88% nelle ultime 24 ore. Il prezzo da CHZ a USD viene aggiornato in tempo reale. L'attuale grado di capitalizzazione di mercato di questa criptovaluta è num. 36, con una capitalizzazione di mercato in tempo reale di $1,37B. L'offerta circolante è di 5.344.064.580 CHZ e l'offerta totale è di 8.888.888.888 CHZ.

Prestazioni prezzo Chiliz nel USD

Intervallo di tempo
Modifica importo
Var. %
Oggi$ -0,01-5,78%
7 giorni$ 0,0519,50%
30 giorni$ 0,0947,25%
Quest'anno$ -0,03-10,82%

Informazioni sul mercato di Chiliz

24 ore di indice basso/alto
24 h di indice basso$0,25
Ultimo prezzo $0,26
24 h di indice alto$0,28
Grado indice di popolarità
Grado di capitalizzazione di mercato
Capitalizzazione di mercato
Tasso di preferenza
Massimo storico
Minimo storico
Data di lancio iniziale
Prezzo di lancio iniziale
Offerta circolante
5.344.064.580 CHZ
Capitalizzazione di mercato all'offerta circolante

Circa Chiliz (CHZ)

Chiliz (CHZ) is the name of an Ethereum-based token used within the sports fan engagement app. It serves as a utility token for the platform, enabling sports franchises to issue Fan Tokens on the Chiliz permissioned Ethereum sidechain. seeks to change the relationship between sports fans and the teams they love. Clubs can use the platform to launch Fan Tokens via a Fan Token Offering — or FTO. These Fan Tokens are tradable on the Chiliz Exchange.

Fan Tokens give holders special privileges, such as voting rights for club decision-making. The project's documentation provides choosing goal celebration songs and naming a club's training ground as examples. Active fans can earn exclusive rewards too.

Launched in 2019, quickly attracted the attention of major sporting clubs — particularly from the soccer world. Among others, the project's signings include Paris Saint-Germain, FC Barcelona, İstanbul Başakşehir and Juventus. operates a private, proof-of-authority Ethereum sidechain. Fan Tokens are minted and fan polls are conducted on the Chiliz network.

CHZ serves as a currency for the platform. Those wanting to buy Fan Tokens must do so using Chiliz. However, the app gives the option to fund an account with fiat currency before exchanging it for CHZ. This makes more accessible to those not familiar with cryptocurrencies.

CHZ price and tokenomics

A finite supply of 8.8 billion Chiliz was created before's launch. Demand for the tokens determines the current CHZ price.

CHZ is used to pay for Fan Tokens issued by some of the planet's most prominent sporting clubs. Fan Tokens give exclusive perks to their holders, which should encourage platform users to buy Chiliz.

Creating a greater supply/demand imbalance are regular CHZ token burns. As of March 2021, around 47 million CHZ — worth just over $3.5 million — had been burned. Assuming demand remains consistent, such reductions to circulating supply should push Chiliz price up. Fan Tokens issued on Chiliz are also finite in supply with a percentage systemically sent to the burn address.

About the founders

Ideas for Chiliz and began circulating around 2016 when the company behind the project, HX Entertainment Limited, was registered in Malta. Active development began in early 2018 and was funded by $66 million contributed by a private placement stock sale.

Today, the company employs more than 80 team members. Its CEO is Alexandre Dreyfus. Before working on Chiliz, Dreyfus was the CEO and owner of the iGaming group Chiligaming and a co-founder of the online poker room Winamax.

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