What's OKX Web3 wallet?

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OKX Wallet is a decentralized multi-chain wallet that enables you to access and explore the Web3 world. With OKX, you have access to over 1,000 DApp protocols and features such as multi-chain and cross-chain DEX, yield farming, NFT marketplace, and DApp discovery. Using OKX Web3 wallet, you can easily access Ethereum, Arbitrum, OKC, BSC, Aptos and other networks. This eliminates the need to create multiple wallets for different public chains and simplifies multi-chain asset management. A wallet is all you need for your Web3 experience.

Decentralization means that you will be in full control of your assets and responsible for securing your wallet's private keys and passwords. You will need:

  • Back up your seed phrase or private key, as it's the only way to access your assets.

  • Create a strong password for your wallet and store it in a safe place. Decentralized wallet doesn't save your wallet password and can't retrieve it if it's lost

  • Stay cautious when responding to unfamiliar requests for approval, as they may be attempts to scam or phish you.

  • Be careful when clicking on unknown links and downloading new software.

Note: OKX Wallet Passed Security Key Audit by Slowmist. OKX Web3 wallet doesn't save your seed phrase, private key, or password and never sends your seed phrase or private key to any external server.

What's the benefits of using OKX Wallet?

  • Take full ownership of the assets

  • Withdraw crypto without approval process compared to trading platforms

  • Generate a multi-chain wallet using a set of seed phrases to manage assets on 60+ networks including Ethereum, OKTC, BSC, Arbitrum, zkSync, Aptos etc, and also support multi-seed phrase import and derivation of addresses.

  • Available on iOS, Android and web browsers.