Third Party App IP Whitelist Launch

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When users are connecting to an API Broker, the API Key generating and binding process is always the critical step that requires extra caution. In order to mitigate any risk, we have launched the Third Party App IP Whitelist feature to limit the usage of users' API keys to only whitelisted servers. Even if the users' API Key credentials are obtained by hackers, they wouldn't be able to exploit them as OKX only accepts API requests coming from Broker's whitelisted servers.

Broker: How to enable the IP Whitelist function?

For integration, brokers need to provide the IP address for our whitelisting to enable this feature.

  • Public IP address (NOT the internal IP address)

  • IP address in IPv4 or IPv6 in CIDR format

We will never expose your server IP addresses and you can update the IP address by notifying us.

User: How to create API key to connect with Third Party Apps?

For users that want to connect with a broker securely, we do recommend you to create API keys using this feature if your broker supports server IP whitelisting

  1. Log in to your OKX account

  2. Go to your profile icon (upper right corner)

  3. Click "API" and "Create API Key"

  4. For Purpose, choose "Binding third-party apps"

  5. Select from the dropdown to see the whitelisted Third Party Apps that support IP whitelist and choose your preferred broker

  6. Fill in the rest of the fields

  7. Confirm your API key creation