Suspension of ETHK deposits and withdrawals


At block height 12,965,000 —or at approximately 11:55 am UTC on Aug. 5 — the Ethereum blockchain is scheduled to undergo the London network upgrade — i.e., a planned hard fork.

OKX will stop all the ETHK deposits and withdrawals at 10:30 am UTC on Aug. 5.

In the case that no new asset is generated during the hard fork, OKX will open ETHK deposits and withdrawals after confirming the stability and security of the Ethereum mainnet. The specific timing for this will be announced separately.

If the hard fork minted new tokens, OKX would consider the chain with the higher hash rate as ETH and those with the lower hash rate as forked chain, based on the ETHK balance snapshot taken on OKXChain after the Ethereum London update.

Further details regarding a potential distribution will be stated in a separate announcement.

Aug. 5, 2021 (UTC)

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