Designated Merchant to Go Live Tomorrow. OKB Will Serve as Security Deposit


As mentioned in our OKB eco-development roadmap, more and more OKB applications will be rolled out this year. And tomorrow at 18:00 (Hong Kong time), we will launch Designated Merchant of C2C Trading.

What are designated merchants?

In short, a designated merchant is a trusted merchant officially appointed by us. It is designed to help customers to find merchants who offer a superior trading experience.

When does the application start?

Application will be open from Apr 18 - May 9, 2018 (Hong Kong time).

Where can I apply?

Go to or download our desktop client to go to the application page.

Is there any requirement? Can I be a designated merchant?

You can apply as a designated merchant as long as you meet the below requirements:

1) Prepared 5,000OKB as security deposit

2) Completed KYC level 3

3) Have a completion rate over 90%

4) Have registered your account for over 30 days

5) Passed our trading credibility evaluation

Are all applicants required to prepare 5,000OKB as deposit?

The first recruitment (Apr 18 - May 9, 2018) requires 5,000OKB as a security deposit. More will be required in the later recruitments as the number of applicants increases.

What are the benefits of designated merchants?

1) High liquidity:

C2C traders will be directed to designated merchants for trading

2) Dedicated customer support:

We will provide one to one customer support for our designated merchant

3) Exclusive verified icon:

Designated merchant will have a verified icon that can be easily recognized by other traders

4) Diversified products:

Designated merchant can post orders freely to satisfy different needs and encourage the trades between users.