Fee Details

Our trading fees are different for regular and VIP users. Regular users are categorized into tiers by their total OKB holdings whereas VIP users are categorized by 30-day trading volumes and daily asset balances. Tiers are updated daily. Details are as follows: trading fees page.
According to the requirements they meet (details below), users are able to avail discounts on trading fee according to their tiers. The discounts are different across spot, futures, perpetual swaps and options markets. Users can avail benefits of the highest tier they are categorized. For example, if a user's 30-day spot trading volume reaches 20,000,000 USD (VIP 2), 30-day futures trading volume reaches 200,000,000 USD (VIP 3), 30-day options trading volume reaches 5,000,000 USD (VIP 1) and total assets balance for the day reaches 5,000,000 USD (VIP 4) at 4:00 pm UTC, this user will be classified as VIP 4 tier discounts in all markets, including spot, futures, swaps and options.
Total OKB holding
Total OKB holding is the total amount of OKB that you have in both primary and sub-accounts. Including spot and margin accounts (OKB in Savings are not included).
Primary and sub-accounts
The tier of your primary account is determined by 30-day trading volume and daily asset balance of all primary and sub-accounts. Fee level of your primary account will be applied to your sub-accounts at 10:00 am UTC after sub-account created.
30-day trading volume (USD)
Transactions are recorded in BTC equivalents according to price when trading. Every 24 hours, we convert your total trading volume to USD at 16:00 UTC according to the average price (= [closing price + opening price]/2). For example, you have traded OMG, XUC, BTC, LTC and BCH in the last 30 days. We recorded each transaction in BTC equivalents at the moment of each trade happens. At each 4:00 pm UTC, we calculate your total trading volume in the last 30 days and convert it to USD according to the daily average price.
For spot markets, we charge trading fees in base currencies. For example, if you trade BTC/USDT, we charge trading fees in BTC. But if you trade USDT/BTC, we charge fees in USDT.
You can also get fee rebates from us. They’re paid in the same currencies as trading fees. For example, if you trade BTC/USDT and place a BTC sell order, you can get a trading fee rebate in BTC. If another user places a BTC buy order and you fill it, you can get a rebate in USDT because another user pays trading fees in USDT for this order.
Total assets balance
We take a snapshot of users' all crypto assets at 4:00 pm UTC daily and convert the value to USDT, then to BTC based on the daily average price of BTC/USDT (BTC/USDT middle price = [opening price + closing price]/2).
Snapshot assets include classic accounts (spot, margin, futures, perpetual swap and options), trading account (unified account), funding account and finance account. Assets borrowed for leverage or loan are excluded.
Makers and takers
Maker order is the limit order which enters into the order book before it can be traded in market. For example, if the current BTC lowest ask price is 1,000 USDT and you create a maker order with a bid price of 999 USDT, this order cannot be filled immediately. Then it will enter into the order book until someone fills it. After filled, you're required to pay the maker fee and taker will pay the taker fee. Vice versa, you need to pay the taker fee when your limit ask order traded successfully.
24h withdrawal limit (USD)
24h withdrawal limit is the maximum amount of crypto you can withdraw within 24 hours, in USD equivalent. If you want to increase your limit, please contact OKX support.
For example. Your 24h withdrawal limit is 10,000,000 USD. After withdrawing 1,000,000 USD, 4,000,000 USD equivalent in OMG, and 1,000,000 USD equivalent in XUC, you’ll have a 4,000,000 USD limit remained for withdrawal within 24 hours. If you want to withdraw 5,000,000 USD equivalent in XRP, which exceeds 4,000,000 USD limit, you can withdraw until the next day. Alternatively, you can contact our customer support to increase your limit tentatively.
24h withdrawal limit is different under different KYC levels: View details