World Bitcoin(WBTC)


Basic Information
English name: World Bitcoin
Ticker: WBTC
Chinese name: 世界比特币
Country of Incorporation: N/A

Investors:No Information
The ground application introduction:The main blockchain developed by the WBTC team have been online, open source code has been upload on January 13, 2018 to the Github.
Information on the scale and number of landing applications:No Information

Description of Coin

Based on Bitcoin, WBTC (World Bitcoin) will start to bifurcate at Bitcoin 503888 to add new features, focusing on improving the practical application of blockchain.In the future, it will gradually realize the realization of gamification ecological chain, copyright ecological chain, content distribution ecological chain, digital chain electricity supply in block chain, and block chain network card, and create a global blockchain application infrastructure through technological innovation.

Details about Coin
release date: January 13, 2018
Total available supply: 2.121 billion
Amount in circulation: N/A
Allotment ratio:1:100
Distribution: WBTC holds 1% of the total, of which 10% is used to motivate early developers, 55% to invest in ecological construction, and 35% to operate the foundation

Other Information
Official site:
Whitepaper:No Information

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