Buy ENS in a few steps

Buy ENS in a few steps

Choose from 93 fiat currencies
Accepted payment methods
Buy ENS in a few stepsBuy ENS in a few stepsBuy ENS in a few stepsBuy ENS in a few steps426+
Accepted payment methods
Buy ENS in a few stepsBuy ENS in a few stepsBuy ENS in a few stepsBuy ENS in a few steps426+

How to buy Ethereum Name Service with card

Buy/Sell ENS in a few steps

Buy/Sell ENS in a few steps
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Buy/Sell ENS in a few steps

What is ENS?

Ethereum Name Service is a decentralized naming system built on the Ethereum blockchain that maps human-readable names like “okx.eth” to cryptocurrency wallet addresses and other machine-readable identifiers like content hashes and metadata.

It is widely considered the Web3 equivalent of DNS (Domain Name System), which maps human-readable names like “” to server IP addresses and provides the domain names used by most websites today.

ENS allows users to set up reverse records, which lets anyone view the ENS domain name attached to a particular wallet address. Top-level domains, like “.eth” and “.crypto,” are owned by “Registrars,” which are smart contracts that specify the rules regarding the allocation of their subdomains. Like with DNS, anyone can obtain an ENS domain name and set up whichever subdomains they please, such as “store.okx.eth”.

ENS is the governance token used in governing the ENS DAO, which is the decentralized organization that determines what changes are to be made to the protocol. ENS tokens have a total supply of 100 million.

How to buy Cryptocurrency?

Why buy ENS with OKX?

Buy/Sell ENS in a few steps


OKX makes it easy to buy Cryptocurrency with a user-friendly interface
Buy/Sell ENS in a few steps


OKX offers a variety of payment methods and supports numerous local currencies to help users buy Ethereum Name Service
Buy/Sell ENS in a few steps


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What can I do after I buy ENS?

While not the first, ENS is by far the most popular naming system. It also has integrations with all the major cryptocurrency wallet providers. Once you buy ENS tokens, you can participate in platform governance and help build the future of internet identities. In addition, multiple wallet addresses can be assigned to a single ENS name, making it a must-have for crypto enthusiasts. Lastly, you can map a website and a social media account to the same ENS name. Unlike DNS, ENS is decentralized, making it almost impossible to have your ENS name taken away from you.

Trade ENS on OKX

With OKX’s highly-liquid markets and a suite of professional trading tools, you can trade ENS tokens to capture profits from short-term price movements. You can even automate the trades using OKX's trading bot.

HODL ENS as a Long-Term Investment

Store your ENS tokens securely in your wallet and you may book a healthy profit in the future if they rise in value.

Participate in ENS DAO

Your ENS tokens allow you to influence the future of the ENS platform by voting on and creating new proposals in the ENS DAO.

Earn Passive Income with ENS

By depositing your ENS tokens and receiving interest as payment through OKX Earn, you can generate a passive income from them. With flexible plans, you can withdraw your tokens any time you wish.

How to buy Cryptocurrency and store it safely?

Guide on how to buy Ethereum Name Service (ENS)

Exchange Your Crypto for ENS

OKX Convert allows you to instantly swap your crypto to ENS for free and without slippage. We support over 100 crypto assets, including most major cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH and USDT.

Buy ENS with USDT or USDC on the Spot Market

Buy ENS through OKX's highly liquid spot market. Simply buy or transfer some USDT or USDC to your trading wallet. Then, with USDT or USDC in your trading wallet, you can trade them for ENS in the spot market.

Buy ENS with Debit/Credit Card

You can buy ENS with your debit/credit card using over 90 supported fiat currencies. OKX supports Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay and more. Once the transaction is complete, your ENS tokens will be credited to your funding wallet.

Buy ENS from Third-Party Sellers

OKX has onboarded several third-party payment services, including Banxa, MoonPay, Advcash and Coinify to support quick and easy crypto purchases. Buy ENS with your preferred third-party seller in just 2 to 10 minutes.

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  • Are ENS domains free?
    No. Like with regular domains, you have to pay to own them and renew your ownership from time to time.
  • Can I buy ENS with crypto I already own on OKX?
    Of course! Simply transfer your crypto to your OKX trading wallet and instantly convert that for ENS using OKX Convert. Otherwise, if you own USDT or USDC, you may trade them for ENS using our trading terminal.
  • Do I need ENS tokens to get an ENS name?
    No. ENS tokens are used for governance only. You may purchase an ENS name with ETH, which can be bought right here on OKX.
  • What are OKX's trading fees like?
    OKX charges some of the lowest fees among major players in the industry. You may even get discounts when you hold our native OKB tokens and trade high volumes. Refer to our trading fees page to learn more about our fee structure.
  • Should I invest in ENS?
    Like all cryptocurrencies, ENS is also volatile and carries investment risk. Therefore, before investing in ENS, you should do your own research (DYOR) and evaluate your risk appetite.
  • What are the most popular cryptocurrencies to invest in today?

    Top crypto, based on market capitalization or total circulation value, include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC), and XRP (XRP).

    However, like all other crypto, the above are also featured with volatility and risks. You should do your own research (DYOR) and evaluate your risk appetite before investing in any crypto.

  • What are the top cryptocurrencies I can buy on OKX now?
    OKX provides access to hundreds of crypto and trading pairings. Some of the most popular crypto on OKX include BTC, ETH, USDT, DOGE, SOL and OKB. You can visit our brand-new OKX Crypto Calculator. Select a crypto and a fiat currency to check the estimated real-time price.