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OKX Pool Becomes the Pioneer to Support the Ethereum 2.0 Topaz Test Network

2020.04.29 Vivien

OKX Pool, a world’s leading comprehensive mining pool built upon the top cryptocurrency exchange OKX, announced to become the first batch of largest-scale mining pools to join Ethereum 2.0 Topaz testnet as a validator, supporting the construction of ETH ecosystem.

Topaz is the only completed testnet of ETH 2.0 mainnet configuration. The launch is a key action before ETH switches its consensus algorithm from PoW (proof-of-work) to PoS (proof-of-stake).

Etherum 2.0 will bring blockchain mass adoption to the next level

Ethereum realized turing complete of blockchain, making it possible to edit and execute smart contracts, thus achieving unprecedented success and established a large ecosystem with diverse applications. However, the PoW mechanism limits the on-chain tps of ETH, which in turn made large-scale and highly concurrent applications are difficult to run smoothly on ETH and limited the expansion of the ecosystem.

ETH2.0 was born to solve this problem. After introducing the PoS mechanism, sharding, and many other technologies, the performance of ETH will be greatly improved, largely alleviating the problem of network congestion caused by low tps. What’s more, it will improve the scalability of ETH and promote more applications, including DeFi, games, ect., to join ETH, and finally achieve mass adoption of blockchain.

OKX Pool joins the ecosystem as the first batch of validators

OKX Pool is among the first batch of mining pools to work as validator for the Ethereum 2.0 Topaz test network and is now running stably. It’s a win-win move for big-scale mining pools to join in ETH 2.0. For ETH, OKX pool and OKX, the top exchange behind it will generate huge traffic while capturing the attention of a large number of users and development teams. For mining pools, betting on the ETH network will allow them to grow together and share future dividends.

 “We are glad to have become one of the first mining pools that have successfully connected with the Topaz ETH 2.0 test network. As a public chain with the largest ecosystem, ETH has brought the blockchain industry up to a new level in application expanding. We appreciate what ETH dedicated to the industry and have great confidence in the potentials of ETH 2.0,” said Alysa Xu, Chief Strategy Officer of OKX. “We are willing to contribute to the ETH ecosystem. Actually, we have already established the collaboration with Prysmatic Lab and more specific cooperation will be carried out by us to promote the development of ETH in the near future.”

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