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Crypto’s best kept secret

2022.09.08 Haider Rafique

We’ve introduced a new global ad campaign today to celebrate the journey OKX has been on over the course of the last few months. A new brand, a series of world-class partnerships (like Manchester City F.C. and McLaren F1 Racing), and a new user experience for our community. It’s a heck of a transformation in a short period of time. And not to mention, we became the second largest crypto platform by trading volume.

For years, our company and platform have commanded a majority market share in Asia and now we are ready to go global. For traders, we are the most advanced venue for spot and derivative trading, market analysis, and world-class risk systems that help protect people from high risk positions – all with robust APIs and always super-low fees. For Web3 enthusiasts, we now have the most powerful self-hosted wallet with access to a DEX aggregator, rich NFT marketplace, and cross-chain support for 29+ chains. For long-term investors, we have a new OKX Lite mode allowing any investor to quickly build a portfolio similar to any trading platform, and several opportunities to grow your portfolio through our DeFi staking and jumpstart programs. Despite our cutting-edge innovations, most of the world isn’t aware of OKX — now we’re setting out to change that.

To tell our story, this past May, we partnered with none other than the creative shop BBDO led by David Lubars, a creative legend who was immediately drawn to our brand and what we are about. BBDO started on their journey with us to launch a campaign that is less about inciting people to be “brave” or join a “revolution” but rather encouraging people to engage and have fun with crypto and more importantly, our brand, while acknowledging that a lot of people don’t know us yet.

So the question that echoed in our heads for months became the genesis of our campaign: “What’s OKX?”

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The answer

In short, OKX is crypto’s best-kept secret. Why? We’re a lot of things for a lot of people. But we know when people experience our products and answer the question for themselves — wherever they are in their crypto journey — we won’t be a secret for long.

Most importantly, beyond the campaign, we are leading a full transformation across the company in how we serve our customers and community. Part of this transformation is a promise to anyone who decides to explore the products that we will (1) protect and keep your funds safe (2) we will deliver world-class customer service and (3) we will always prioritize giving you control over how you use our platform.

In short, we’re your favourite crypto trading app you’ve maybe never heard of until now. But now you’ve heard of us and you’ve got a bunch of reasons to come try us out. My Twitter DMs are always open and our Support Team is ready to act on your feedback if you want to help us answer the question.

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Behind the scenes

You’ll notice a large cast of characters play a role in this campaign, each one was chosen with careful intention. You might recognize Manchester City F.C. Coach Pep Guardiola and one of Formula 1’s most loved drivers Daniel Ricciardo — alongside some new faces that have joined the OKX family like two-time Olympic medalist snowboarder Scotty James or international golfing legend Ian Poulter. Why them? Our belief is that traders and investors need to train like the pros. Athletic performance requires skill, intelligence, and a willingness to adapt when a strategy no longer yields results. Just like trader performance. And these particular individuals are redefining success in their fields.

We hope this campaign not only motivates you to learn more about OKX, but it also elevates the way you think about trading and the fast-growing world of crypto.

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Disclaimer: This material should not be taken as the basis for making investment decisions, nor be construed as a recommendation to engage in investment transactions. Trading digital assets involve significant risk and can result in the loss of your invested capital. You should ensure that you fully understand the risk involved and take into consideration your level of experience, investment objectives and seek independent financial advice if necessary.