Introducing NOT (Notcoin) on OKX Jumpstart

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The OKX Jumpstart Mining will commence at 6:00 am UTC on May 13, 2024. TON holders can stake TON to mine NOT tokens in return.

I. Staking rules

Token staked


Token earned


Amount of mineable tokens in NOT staking pool

1,283,990,271 NOT

Mining period

6:00 am UTC on May.13, 2024 - 6:00 am UTC on May.16, 2024

Minimum staking per person


Maximum staking per person for TON

4,000 TON

Staking period

Stake and unstake at any time

Opening time for mined token trading

May.16, 2024 until further notice

Ⅱ. Conditions of participation

  1. The following countries and regions are ineligible in this campaign: Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Korea.

  2. Need to complete identity verification

III. Calculation of staking rewards

1. The staking rewards refer to tokens acquired by participating in OKX Jumpstart Mining, which are calculated in real-time and can be withdrawn at any time.

2. Users' per minute rewards = The amount of their staked token / Total amount of staked token * The amount of tokens released per minute.

For example:

If a user has staked 0.1 TON, the total amount of TON staked at that time is 1,000, and the amount of tokens released per minute is 10,000, then the user's per-minute rewards would be calculated as follows:

User's per minute rewards = (0.1 / 1,000) * 10,000 = 1 (token).

IV. Staking and unstaking directions

1. Staking process

Step 1: Before the mining starts, transfer your TON to your funding account.

Step 2: Log in to the OKX official APP, go to the Grow section, and click Jumpstart.

Step 3: After the mining starts, click Stake, enter your desired amount of TON and confirm. After completing these three steps, you'll start mining!

2. Unstaking process

Click Unstake to release your TON at any time, and the TON will be automatically returned to your funding account.

3. If you don't unstake early before the end of mining. When the mining is done, the tokens staked as rewards will be automatically distributed to your funding account within 2 hours after the event ends.

4. The time to enable deposit, withdrawal, and trading will be announced later.

V. Introduction

About NOT (Notcoin)

Notcoin is a community token in Ton. It was widely distributed through a viral game on Telegram, which already had 35 million players. The current phase focuses on building an ecosystem around NOT, including a game platform and web3 projects exploration tools.

  • Project name: Notcoin

  • Total supply: 102,719,221,714

  • Official website:

  • Twitter:






Further Airdrop and development




VI. Others

1. Only TON in your funding account can be used for staking. Please transfer your TON to your funding account in advance. The TON staked will be frozen but can be unstaked at any time. Unstaked TON can be seen in your funding account.

2. After the mining is done, any remaining TON that is staked will automatically be unstaked and unfrozen. Rewards will be automatically transferred to your funding account within 2 hours.

3. Sub-accounts cannot participate in this event.

Terms and Conditions:

• OKX Jumpstart Mining shall not be eligible for the following countries: Mainland China, Hong Kong, and South Korea. In addition, OKX may not make all of its services available in all markets and jurisdictions, and may restrict or prohibit use of all or a portion of the services from restricted locations, which at this time include Hong Kong (specifically regarding our derivatives-related services), Belgium, Cuba, France and its overseas territories including Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, Mayotte, La Réunion, Saint Barthélemy, Saint-Martin, Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, French Southern and Antarctic Lands, French Polynesia, Wallis and Futuna, and New Caledonia, Iran, India, Japan, North Korea, Malaysia, Singapore (specifically regarding our margin and derivatives related Services), Syria, the People's Republic of China, the United States of America including all U.S.A. territories like Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Island, and the US Virgin Islands (St. Croix, St. John and St. Thomas), the Bahamas, Canada, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom (specifically regarding our derivatives-related services for retail users), Ireland, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk, Uzbekistan and Malta (Please refer to Section 2.2 of OKX's Terms of Use, where we keep an updated list of jurisdictions to which OKX restricts its services from time to time). The content of the terms shall not be excluded from the laws of the country or region under which the user belongs. As a result, if you do not meet these eligibility requirements, do not use our services. Residents of Belgium, France, Ireland, Japan, the Bahamas, and the Netherlands are not permitted to open new accounts at OKX or access the services if they have not yet opened an account.

• This project will only be available to eligible participants as determined by OKX at its sole discretion.

• OKX reserves the right to disqualify or suspend accounts of any participant and confiscate all rewards of any participant who is found to be involved in any dishonest or abusive behavior in this activity, including but not limited to click farming, registering multiple accounts, using others' accounts, using others' KYC information to register accounts, providing false KYC information, using device farms or other malicious tools for abusive, dishonest or fraudulent purposes, engaging in laundering trades or wash trades, violation of any applicable rules or policies of OKX or any campaign or project rules or terms and conditions or announcements (as amended and restated from time to time) in connection with the project, violating local regulatory rules or any engaging in other activities with the intent or result of abusing, disrupting or undermining the legitimate operation of the project, as determined by OKX at its sole discretion.

• Please note that the value of prizes may fluctuate. Due to such price fluctuations, the value of your prize may increase or decrease in value at any given moment. OKX is not responsible for fluctuations in the value of prizes due to market fluctuations. All applicable taxes, costs, and additional expenses associated with the acceptance and use of the prize are the sole responsibility of the prize recipient.

• Any and all applicable taxes and all fees and additional expenses, including connection, installation, and/or service costs, related to acceptance and use of the reward are the sole responsibility of the individual reward recipient

• notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, OKX reserves the right to exclude any participant from participating in this campaign without notice.

• By default, users who participate in this project have read and understood the Terms and Conditions of this project.

• The sale and purchase of NOT under OKX Jumpstart Mining shall be subject to separate OKX's Terms of Service, Privacy Policy Statement, as well as Jumpstart Risk Disclosure.

OKX team,

May 9, 2024

Risk Warning: This activity does not constitute and shall not be considered to be (i) investment advice or an investment recommendation; (ii) an offer or solicitation to buy or sell digital assets; or (iii) financial, accounting, legal or tax advice. Digital assets, including stablecoins and NFTs, involve a high degree of risk, can lose value, and can become worthless. Digital assets are not insured. Past performance does not guarantee future results. You should consider the risks, and consult with your legal / tax / investment professionals, before deciding to trade or hold digital assets.