Trade Like A Pro hype rules

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Terms and Conditions

  1. The campaign (the “Campaign”) shall commence from 3 August 2023 09:00, EST to 14 August 2023, 10:30 EST.
  2. Eligible users for the reward are:
    • New users who do not have an OKX account
    • Completed Identity Verification. Check your status here.
    • Click on the "Join" button and joined successfully
  3. Users who are eligible will successfully be given a "Ticket" to the reward which will be released during "Launch" which shall commence from 14 August 2023 10:30 EST. Limited to first 1,000 new users.
  4. Each user shall be eligible to participate once in the Campaign, and users are not allowed to enter multiple accounts to participate in this Campaign.
  5. OKX or the Campaign organiser shall have the full discretion to disqualify any user from the Campaign.
  6. Eligible users will receive redemption instructions via email to their registered email address with OKX by 14 August 2023, 23:59 EST.


  1. This Campaign does not constitute or shall not be considered as a recommendation to deal in any products, or investment advice. Digital assets are speculative and highly volatile, can become illiquid at any time, and are for investors with a high-risk tolerance. Investors in digital assets could lose the entire value of their investment.
  2. Please note that the value of the reward may fluctuate and may not be equal in value at the time the reward has been distributed to the particpant based on market fluctuation. Prices of digital assets, including stablecoins, can and do fluctuate at any moment. Due to such price fluctuations, you may experience an increase or decrease in value of your assets at any given moment.
  3. Any and all applicable taxes and all fees and additional expenses, including connection, installation, and/or service costs, related to acceptance and use of the reward are the sole responsibility of the individual reward recipient.
  4. Participants who browse the activity or Campaign page and participate in this Campaign are regarded as having read and understood the terms and conditions of the Campaign.
  5. OKX reserves the right to exclude any participant from participating in this activity and/or cancel this activity without notice. Rewards are subject to participants' compliance with Terms and Conditions and are not guaranteed. Please see Terms and Conditions for further details.
  6. OKX or the Campaign organiser reserves the right to modify, suspend, cancel or terminate the campaign at any time for any reason without prior notice.
  7. OKX or the Campaign organiser reserves the right to cancel the eligibility of any participant or who engages in dishonest or abusive activities, violates the terms and conditions of the activity, violates local regulatory rules for transactions, or engages in any other activity related to illegal, fraudulent, or harmful purposes.
  8. OKX or the Campaign organiser reserves the right to cancel the eligibility of any participant who engages in dishonest or abusive behaviour in this activity, including but not limited to registering multiple addresses to obtain additional rewards, engaging in laundering trades, and any other activities related to illegal, fraudulent or harmful purposes. Serious cheating may result in your addresses banned from any future campaigns promoted through the OKX, by third parties or otherwise.
  9. OKX or the Campaign organiser reserves the right to interpret the terms and conditions of this promotion in a manner it deems appropriate, and reserves the right to change or modify the terms and conditions at any time.
  10. In case of any disputes, the English version of the activity terms and conditions shall prevail. OKX reserves the right to final interpretations of all activities.
  11. For more information about OKX, please visit © 2023 OKX. All right reserved.