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What is OKT Liquid Staking?
OKT Liquid Staking is a liquidity staking solution on OKTC. It allows users to earn OKT staking funds without having to participate in maintenance of the infrastructure, and enables them to trade staking positions, as well as use staking assets to participate in on-chain decentralized finance. OKT Liquid Staking provides users with the following services:
• Provides users with a safe and decentralized method for staking OKT tokens
• Allows users to use stOKT on the secondary market
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How does OKT Liquid Staking work?
While on OKT Liquid Staking, users will immediately receive stOKT after staking their OKT. OKT Liquid Staking will calculate the user's stOKT/OKT ratio and send the corresponding amount of stOKT to the user. Afterwards, OKT tokens are delegated to validators on OKTC for staking funds.
What is stOKT?
stOKT is a KIP-20 token that represents the account’s share of the total amount of OKT staked on OKT Liquid Staking. It is an immutable token. The value of the token is subject to change over time because the staking funds received from staking OKT are not constant.
How soon can I claim OKT after I apply for unstake?
According to OKTCs consensus protocol, the OKT unstaking period is set to a 14-day cycle; the unstaking of stOKT will also follow this rule when processing unstake requests in batches (every 2 days). Because users make unstake requests at different times, the actual unstaking period of stOKT can take 14-15 days, and the unstaked stOKT won't generate earnings during this waiting period. For more details, refer to "estimated claim time" on the "Unstake" tab. For example: if someone makes a stOKT unstake request on the first day of a 14-day cycle, the user would have to wait 1 day until the next batch processing day, then wait another 14 days of unstaking; in total, they'd have to wait 1 + 14 = 15 days before being able to claim their funds.
After successfully unstaking, you’ll receive an NFT certificate () that you can use to claim your funds.
Only when you’ve received your NFT certificate and your waiting period is over can you claim your funds on the "Claim" tab. Please take good care of your NFT certificate.
How are staked earnings reflected?
Users’ staked earnings are reflected by the increase of the amount of OKT the user can swap for with the stOKT they hold, not the OKT they can directly claim.
The OKT that users stake on OKT Liquid Staking will not only generate earnings, but the earnings generated will generate its own earnings as well (compound earnings).
How are staked earnings calculated?
Users’ staked earnings are reflected by the increase of the amount of OKT the user can swap for with the stOKT they hold.
Suppose a user’s exchange rate when staking is 1 OKT ≈ 0.99 stOKT, the user stakes 1,000 OKT, receives 990 stOKT.
Some time later, the exchange rate changes to 1 OKT ≈ 0.98 stOKT, now staking 990 stOKT would amount to 1,010.2 OKT.
Now the estimated earnings of the user would be 1,010.2 – 1,000 = 10.2 OKT. If the user wants to unstake 990 stOKT, after the waiting period, they can claim 1,010.2 OKT all at once.