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Participate in TOKEN2049 and claim your OKXclusive Pass to exchange for limited-edition free swag

To celebrate its title sponsorship at TOKEN2049, OKX plans to release a special limited edition NFT. Attendees who mint the exclusive OKXclusive Pass will be entitled to receive complimentary regular swag. Additionally, individuals who acquire the rare OKXclusive Winner NFT will have the opportunity to receive exclusive OKX × McLaren co-branded swag. It is important to note that redemption of the swag requires physical presence at the conference and the presentation of the NFT at the OKX booth.
The TOKEN2049 event will be held on September 13th and 14th at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. TOKEN2049 serves as a gathering for the global Web3 industry, bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, developers, industry insiders, and global media, thereby providing exceptional networking prospects.
Please note that each person is eligible for only one NFT, and the distribution of premium swag will be on a first-come, first-served basis while supplies last.
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TOKEN2049 OKXclusive Swag
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721 OKT





This NFT celebrates your attendance at OKX TOKEN2049 booth and shows you’re now part of a global community. As a token of our gratitude, you will have the opportunity to receive exclusive premium swag from our dedicated staff members. The swag selection includes OKX × McLaren hat, OKX water bottle, and OKX tote bag. If you have the Winner NFT, you have the chance to receive the limited selection of OKX × McLaren co-branded t-shirts, hoodies or signed hats.

Please note that each individual is entitled to only one NFT, and the distribution of premium swag will be based on a first-come, first-served basis while supplies last.

OKX Web3 × TOKEN2049

OKX Web3 × TOKEN2049Issuer

OKX, the title sponsor of TOKEN2049, proudly introduces OKX Wallet, which stands as the world’s most formidable Web3 portal. This state-of-the-art wallet empowers users with access to over 55 chains for self-custody. Built within the OKX Wallet is an NFT Marketplace that aggregates orders from over 11 chains, equipping creators with robust tools such as AI and gasless minting. Moreover, the wallet incorporates a built-in DEX, DeFi, and DApp aggregator, offering users enhanced control over their on-chain activities. TOKEN2049, held annually in Singapore, stands as the foremost crypto event of its kind. It serves as a prestigious platform where visionaries, pioneers, and leaders from top Web3 companies and projects come together to share their invaluable insights and perspectives on the ever-evolving industry.

Terms and Conditions
1. This NFT minting or airdrop activity (“Activity”) shall be effective during such period as (i) stated on the Activity webpage; or (ii) determined by the OKX Web3 Wallet (“OKX Wallet”) or, if the Activity organizer is a third party, such organizer (both OKX Wallet and such third party organizer referred to as “Organizer”) in their full discretion (“Activity Period”).
2. NFTs shall be minted and/or distributed/airdropped (as applicable) to the user’s wallet address during the Activity Period or at such other time to be determined by the Organizer, including after the Activity Period upon completion of steps as set forth on the Activity webpage.
3. Each of OKX Wallet and the Organizer reserves the right to exclude any user or wallet address from participating in this Activity.
4. Without prejudice to the foregoing, each of OKX Wallet and the Organizer also reserves the right to withhold NFTs from and revoke the eligibility of any user or wallet address to participate in this Activity whom it reasonably suspects is engaging in dishonest or abusive conduct, including but not limited to circumstances where users engage in money-laundering or wash trades, or engage in any other illegal, fraudulent or harmful activity. Users and/or wallet address(es) reasonably suspected of engaging in such conduct may be banned from participating in any future campaigns on OKX Wallet's website and/or platform.
5. By participating in the Activity, users agree to be bound by the OKX Web3 Ecosystem Terms of Service and OKX Web3 Ecosystem Privacy Policy.
6. OKX Wallet and the Organizer reserve the right to interpret, modify, suspend, cancel or terminate this Activity and/or any of the Activity Terms at any time for any reason without prior notice. In the event of conflict, OKX Wallet has the sole discretion to the final decision and interpretation of these terms.
7. If there are multiple language versions of these terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail in the event of conflict.
8. OKX Wallet expressly disclaims any and all responsibilities and liabilities for any technical, pictorial, typographical, editorial or other error or omission in this Activity or these terms and conditions.
9. For more information about OKX Wallet, please visit
1. This Activity is (i) not an offer, recommendation or solicitation of an offer to buy, sell or otherwise deal in any digital asset; and (ii) not intended to provide any advice or recommendation (regardless of investment, trading accounting, legal, tax or otherwise). This Activity is also not intended for distribution to, or access by, any person in a jurisdiction where such distribution or access would be contrary to applicable laws or regulations. Persons or entities accessing and/or participating this Activity are required to inform themselves about and observe such restrictions. Digital assets, including but not limited to stablecoins and NFTs, are speculative and highly volatile, may become illiquid at any time, and are high-risk. Persons dealing in digital assets may lose the entire value of their assets.
2. The value of digital assets, including but not limited to stablecoins and NFTs, can and do fluctuate greatly from time to time. Due to such fluctuations, users may experience a significant increase or decrease in the value of their assets at any given moment.
3. Participants of this Activity are responsible for all applicable taxes, fees, costs and expenses (which may include but is not limited to connection, installation, service, gas fees and transaction costs) relating to the receipt and use of any Activity NFTs.
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