Ринок NFT Дізнатися про корисні OKX

Дізнатися про корисні NFT

Шукаєте NFT, який має функціональне призначення, а не просто є предметом колекціонування? Вихід — корисні NFT! Ці унікальні цифрові активи можуть забезпечити доступ до широкого спектру послуг і продуктів, серед яких ігри, віртуальна нерухомість і соціальні простори. Насправді, деякі корисні NFT, подібні до тих, що пропонуються Axie Infinity, були продані за сотні тисяч доларів. На OKX ви можете переглянути й відкрити для себе широкий вибір корисних NFT. Не пропустіть безліч можливостей, які пропонують вам корисні NFT — знайдіть NFT своєї мрії на OKX вже сьогодні.
Tenset TGLP Genesis
Tenset TGLP GenesiscertifiedIcon
ETH 3,49
This collection offers LIFETIME access to TGLP, with no need to extend your subscription each year or lock tokens. Your NFT (subscription) is then tradable and can be sold at any time, or transferred to another wallet. Holder is also eligible to participate in SEED phase of Tenset Incubator projects.
Pixlverse Items
Pixlverse ItemscertifiedIcon
ETH 1,35
The "Omnia Items" OKX NFT storefront is your one-stop shop for in game Pixlverse NFTs, art drops, productive assets and more!
Gray Boys
Gray BoyscertifiedIcon
ETH 1,16
Check if a Gray Boys has been mutated here: https://lab.grayboysnft.com/showcase MUTANT COLLECTION: https://www.okx.com/web3/marketplace/nft Gray Boys are a collection of 10,000 generative NFTs that act as membership to The Mothership. The Gray Boys' Mothership is the first of its kind experiment to proxy NFT ownership verification, perks and utility of other blue chip projects to all Gray Boy holders. Gray Boy holders vote for what NFTs The Mothership's wallet acquires, and proxied ownership of those acquired NFTs is shared amongst all members. Visit https://grayboysnft.com/ for more details. Verified Smart Contract: https://etherscan.io/address/0x8d4100897447d173289560BC85c5C432Be4f44E4#code
FLUF World: Burrows
FLUF World: BurrowscertifiedIcon
ETH 1,16
Every Fluf needs a place to call home... and you know they're all about living the high life. Burrows are the hottest virtual metaspaces in all of The Third Kingdom; yours to collect, trade and explore. Welcome home. --- [**Official Collections**](https://www.okx.com/web3/marketplace/nft)
Forever FOMO Duck Squad
Forever FOMO Duck SquadcertifiedIcon
ETH 1,1
Forever FOMO Duck Squad is the genesis collection of NFTs for Highstreet World, made up of 7,500 procedurally generated (and 500 celebrity-inspired) FOMO ducks designed to have continuing utility within our metaverse
ETH 0,87
Yats 🖖 are emoji usernames that become your universal Internet identity 🗿, website URL 💻, payment address 🤑, and more. 👉 **Own your identity** 👈 By purchasing a Yat, it’s yours forever. A Yat NFT and its underlying Yat are one and the same. 👉 **Own your self-expression** 👈 Import your Yat NFT into your y.at dashboard in order to rename it, start using your emoji URL, and customize a stunningly beautiful visualization that’s as unique as you are. Get inspired and join our amazingly creative Yat Community at [y.at](https://y.at) [License Terms](https://legal.y.at/license)
CityDAO Citizenship
CityDAO Citizenship
ETH 0,68
Citizen NFT holders are citizens of CityDAO, granting community access and governance. https://citizen.citydao.io
Walker World: Genesis Walkers
Walker World: Genesis WalkerscertifiedIcon
ETH 0,65
Genesis Walkers are 6545 animated and fully game-rigged 3D characters ready for the Metaverse. These unique Walker avatars can explore the environments of Web3, Augmented Reality and the upcoming Walker World, a massive, open-world, third-person shooter created on Unreal Engine 5 – and spearheaded by a team of industry veterans from AAA game developers, including EA, DICE, Ubisoft, Rovio and Weta Workshop. [Walker World Trailer](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSe-S8UIs3E) [Walker World: Women](https://www.okx.com/web3/marketplace/nft) [Walker Weapons Collection](https://www.okx.com/web3/marketplace/nft) [Walker World: Bored Box Jetpacks](https://www.okx.com/web3/marketplace/nft)