OKX Officially Launches OKX TR, Tailored Specifically for Our Turkish Users


Today marks a landmark achievement in the evolution of cryptocurrency and decentralized finance in Türkiye, as we proudly unveil OKX TR, our cutting-edge crypto platform, meticulously designed for Turkish users.

Our core mission is to deliver a platform that is reliable, transparent and compliant, ensuring that our users can confidently explore decentralized finance and crypto. The introduction of OKX TR embodies our unwavering dedication to these objectives.

To provide the best trading experience on OKX TR, we have also integrated Turkish Lira fiat on-ramp, deposits and withdrawals in collaboration with some of Türkiye's most esteemed banks, including: Fibabanka, VakıfBank, Ziraat Bankası, İş Bankası, Şekerbank and Türkiye Finans. This comprehensive, locally focused approach will allow users to trade conveniently and efficiently.

OKX TR features a wide selection of major cryptocurrency pairs, such as USDT/TRY, BTC/TRY, ETH/TRY along with sophisticated crypto functionalities. These offerings are tailored to meet the needs of both novice and seasoned traders, and provide an easy-to-use platform for traders of all levels of experience.

We’re also very excited about our OKX Wallet – a non-custodial Web3 wallet provided by OKX global - that is transforming the way users engage with decentralized finance. This user-friendly gateway enables NFTs, dApps and more. The OKX Wallet also utilizes industry-leading features, including Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology and Account Abstraction (AA).

Since we announced our expansion into Türkiye in May 2023, we’ve been wholeheartedly committed to nurturing the crypto community here. In tandem with the launch, we've also established a local office and team, a key step in our long-term journey in this vibrant and promising market. We believe that by having a local physical presence, we can stay close to our local community, with relentless focus on aligning their needs to our products, services and operations.

As the Chairman of OKX TR, I am thrilled to be a part of Türkiye’s journey to becoming a global hub for Web3 innovation. The launch of OKX TR represents more than just an expansion; it signifies our pledge to equip users with a transparent, compliant and user-friendly gateway to the world of blockchain.We invite you to join us as we embark on this exciting journey. Together, we can unlock the vast potential of the Turkish crypto community and pave the way towards a future where finance is more inclusive and transparent.

Thank you, we look forward to a bright future, together!

Mehmet Çamır Chairman of OKX TR

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