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Explorar NFT de utilitários

Procura um NFT que sirva um propósito funcional além de ser um item colecionável? Os NFT utilitários são a resposta. Estes ativos digitais únicos podem garantir acesso a uma vasta gama de serviços e produtos, incluindo jogos, imobiliário virtual e espaços sociais. Certos NFT utilitários, como os do Axie Infinity, já foram vendidos por centenas de milhares de dólares. Na OKX, oferecemos uma vasta gama de NFT utilitários para o utilizador explorar e descobrir. Não perca as muitas possibilidades que os NFT utilitários oferecem e encontre hoje os NFT dos seus sonhos na OKX.Mais
10KTF Stockroom
10KTF Stockroomicon
ETH 20,03
10KTF Stockroom is a collection of the finest Tools and Materials held by the esteemed customers of 10KTF for use in future endeavors. Visit for more details.
FLUF World: Burrows
FLUF World: Burrowsicon
ETH 8,55
Every Fluf needs a place to call home... and you know they're all about living the high life. Burrows are the hottest virtual metaspaces in all of The Third Kingdom; yours to collect, trade and explore. Welcome home. --- [**Official Collections**](
JRNY Clubicon
ETH 4,92
JRNY Club is a membership NFT that grants access to future sets, private community access, exclusive NFT videos, early access to partner NFT projects and more. Find more info and short-term roadmap here:
ETH 2,87
LinksDAO is creating the modern golf & leisure club. A global community of thousands of enthusiasts has come together to create one of the world's greatest golf clubs - and reimagine the country club. LinksDAO NFTs are the key to unlocking membership at LinksDAO's first golf course, Spey Bay, and also allow for community access, governance, a wide variety of perks, and games. Full terms of sale available at
The Nifty Portal
The Nifty Portalicon
ETH 2,34
The Nifty Portal is the premiere NFT from the team behind [](, The Nifty [YouTube](, and the Morning NFT Twitter spaces. This NFT provides you with access to: * Access to the Solana Bodoggos NFT project (from Easy Eats Bodega) * Our upcoming PFP project * Advantages with our soon-to-release secret project * A members only area of [The Nifty Discord](
Rebel Bots
Rebel Botsicon
ETH 2,3
This is the official Rebel Bots collection - backed by Ubisoft, Animoca Brands & Overwolf We are on a mission to build the #1 play to earn game. - Xoil Wars Build. Battle. Earn! Visit [The official Rebel Bots site]( to learn more
Lives of Asuna
Lives of Asunaicon
ETH 1,29
Glimpse into 10,000 unique lives lived by Asuna through this collection of hand-drawn, anime-inspired NFTs by Zumi and Hagglefish.
Gray Boys
Gray Boysicon
ETH 1,11
Check if a Gray Boys has been mutated here: MUTANT COLLECTION: Gray Boys are a collection of 10,000 generative NFTs that act as membership to The Mothership. The Gray Boys' Mothership is the first of its kind experiment to proxy NFT ownership verification, perks and utility of other blue chip projects to all Gray Boy holders. Gray Boy holders vote for what NFTs The Mothership's wallet acquires, and proxied ownership of those acquired NFTs is shared amongst all members. Visit for more details. Verified Smart Contract: