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The current price of Taki App is $0.017227. Since 00:00 UTC, Taki App has increased by +1.41%. It currently has a circulating supply of 1,170,868,697 TAKI and a maximum supply of 3,000,000,000 TAKI, giving it a fully diluted market cap of $20.20M. At present, Taki App holds the 263 position in market cap rankings. The Taki App/USD price is updated in real-time.

Taki App price performance in USD

Time periodChange amount%Chg
Today$0.00023996 +1.41%
7 days$0.00028724 +1.69%
30 days-$0.00582 -25.27%
3 months-$0.01516 -46.82%

Taki App market information

24h low/high
The highest, lowest, and last prices in 24 hours
24h low$0.016637
Last price $0.017227
24h high$0.017347
Heat index ranking
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Market cap
Favorited rate
Percentage of users who favorited this asset to all users
All-time high
-97.13% (-$0.58177)
Apr 28, 2022 (2 years ago)
All-time low
+283.68% ($0.012737)
Nov 22, 2022 (2 years ago)
ICO date
ICO price
The price at which this crypto was first traded
Circulating supply
The amount of this crypto that is publicly available in the market
1,170,868,697 TAKI
Market cap at circulating supply
Market cap = Circulating supply × Last price

About Taki App (TAKI)

The mobile gaming opportunity for Web3 is clear: The mobile gaming industry is massive, with $100B in annual revenue and 3B players worldwide; mobile devices are widespread, functioning naturally as hardware wallets, and are already popular for identity and payments; free-to-play mobile games with token rewards are a low-barrier and mass-appeal way to introduce web3.

Web3 gaming needs an upgrade: Web3 gaming urgently needs a better way to onboard gamers who aren’t crypto natives; to bring the game industry’s billions in revenue and spending power on-chain; and to use a tokenomic model that actually gives ownership to the most dedicated players.

The Taki Games team knows how to revolutionize gaming: The Taki Games team has spent over 15 years as pioneers in the gaming industry, beginning with the founding of Kabam, one of the earliest and biggest names in free-to-play gaming.

What Is Taki Games?

Taki Games is building the Web3 Zynga: A player-owned Web3 mobile gaming network that brings real players and gaming revenue on-chain through TAKI. Powered by its unique tokenomics model, Taki Games lets loyal players earn real value and a stake in the TAKI network by earning TAKI rewards.

Taki Games is bringing gaming's 3 billion users to Web3 with games that are easy, fun, and rewarding. The network includes hit titles like Bored Button, Mom’s Kitchen, and more, totaling over 5 million downloads and 300,000 monthly active users.

Taki Games is also bringing gaming’s $200 billion in annual revenue to Web3 by combining proven loyalty systems with innovative tokenomics ("Takinomics"). Players earn TAKI based on the value they generate for the network by playing games; and Taki Games purchases TAKI tokens on the open market to fund these rewards. Taki Games initiated these rewards in December 2023.

TAKI supports Polygon and Solana as of January 2024.

Who Are the Founders of Taki Games?

The Taki Games team includes pioneers in social, mobile, and free-to-play gaming. The team includes co-founders and former executives from Kabam (multiple top-10 grossing mobile games, acquired for nearly $1B), Gen.G Esports, Rally Network, and Forte.

Weiwei, the CEO of Taki Games, has a long track record in building global consumer entertainment brands, having served as Managing Director of leading esports organization Gen.G, and as Executive Producer at Kabam. He previously served as the CEO of Unite.io, and co-founded Rally Network.

How does TAKI work?

“Play-to-Earn” web3 games are infamously hyperinflationary, with unsustainable emissions triggering booms and busts. Takinomics flips the traditional “play-to-earn” model on its head, as all stakeholders benefit from more players earning more rewards.

In contrast, TAKI rewards are designed to be deflationary, thanks to Takinomics. For every TAKI emitted to players, an equal amount is bought back and burned by the project. Buybacks are funded with revenue generated by the games, bringing that revenue on-chain and fueling deflationary rewards. In this way, all TAKI rewards are accompanied by both net buy pressure and a reduction in circulating supply.

  1. Games generate revenue
  2. Revenue is used to buyback TAKI from the open market
  3. Circulating TAKI is burned to offset the reward emissions
  4. Players receive TAKI from the reserve pool based on the revenue they generate

How Much $TAKI is in Circulation?

There is a maximum supply of 3 billion TAKI split between contributors, advisors, acquisitions, investors, public sale, community distribution, deflationary rewards, and ecosystem. Due to the deflationary nature of the Takinomics design, the actual circulating supply will eventually settle at around 2.2 billion over time.

TAKI token use cases

Taki Games reward players for playing. But unlike the “play-to-earn” games of yesteryear, TAKI is awarded based on real value contributed. When player engagement generates real revenues for the games, those players are rewarded commensurately with TAKI.

This true incentive alignment ensures that all emissions are beneficial to the network. There is no problem with farmers or botters “exploiting” the system – if a user is earning rewards, the network is generating revenue. The microeconomics are tightened so that incentives are perfectly aligned. With Takinomics, a sybil attack turns into coordinated buying pressure for TAKI.

TAKI token Distribution

TAKI orchestrated its token allocation as follows:

  • 27.12% for deflationary rewards.
  • 24.25% for contributors.
  • 17.36% for ecosystem
  • 10.04% for Investors
  • 8.73% for builders, partners, and advisors
  • 6.98% for acquisitions
  • 4.55% for community distribution
  • 0.97% for public sale
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What is TAKI?

TAKI is an engage-to-earn social network aiming to cultivate an improved sense of community. Central to its strategy is the concept of incentivizing users through network ownership. Taki's mission is to redress the pitfalls associated with conventional social media by integrating an equitable and decentralized framework to reward both creators and users. This system hinges on utilizing Gold Taki and its native token, TAKI.

What are the benefits of using TAKI?

TAKI's chief merit is its ability to financially reward those who stake their participation. This platform facilitates value transfer within its ecosystem, enabling users to amass the token by engaging in specific activities.

Where can I buy TAKI tokens?

Easily buy TAKI tokens on the OKX cryptocurrency platform. One available trading pair in the OKX spot trading terminal is TAKI/USDT. You can also swap your existing cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), and USD Coin (USDC), for TAKI with zero fees and no price slippage by using OKX Convert.

How much is Taki App worth today?
Currently, one Taki App is worth $0.017227. For answers and insight into Taki App's price action, you're in the right place. Explore the latest Taki App charts and trade responsibly with OKX.
What is cryptocurrency?
Cryptocurrencies, such as Taki App, are digital assets that operate on a public ledger called blockchains. Learn more about coins and tokens offered on OKX and their different attributes, which includes live prices and real-time charts.
When was cryptocurrency invented?
Thanks to the 2008 financial crisis, interest in decentralized finance boomed. Bitcoin offered a novel solution by being a secure digital asset on a decentralized network. Since then, many other tokens such as Taki App have been created as well.
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