OKX will launch GMX DeFi staking service

Gepubliceerd op 18 apr 2023Geüpdatet op 4 apr 20242 min. leestijd

OKX is pleased to announce the launch of GMX DeFi staking on our Earn platform at 03:00 UTC in Apr. 19, 2023. Users will be able to stake GMX with a few clicks and earn yield in return and OKX will cover the gas fee for on-chain behaviors.

Crypto Type Term Total limit Individual limit Rate (APY)
GMX DeFi Flexible N/A N/A Approx. 4.51%, the APY is adjusted
automatically based on the on-chain rewards.

How to stake GMX
Web: Navigation bar > Finance > Earn > Onchain Earn Search GMX. Click Select and then subscribe.
Mobile: Homepage > Earn > Onchain Earn Search GMX and click on it. Then tap Subscribe.

Risk Warning:

Returns for GMX DeFi projects come from the GMX.io Protocol. Except for project launch and return distribution, OKX assumes no responsibility for dispute over any agreement, hacking incidents, project fraud, and other risks that may result in asset loss for the subscribers.

Apr 18, 2023 (UTC)